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9th : WEIRD GEAR ~ mix

Most frequently heard via the excellent Ship Full Of Bombs
radio station based in Southend On Sea, the Weird Gear guys
have put together a series of exclusive mixes for Garden listeners.
Like us, they are neither playlist dictated nor limited to one
genre so they play what they like, which is why you are gonna
like what they play, starting tonight with the 1st one by Vaillante.
Listen again to the mix HERE

   16th : LOST HARBOURS ~ live session

Tonight's session guests also hail from Southend On Sea
and comprise of Emma on flute and Richard on guitar.
Their beautiful free folk sound is influenced by an array of
sources from musique concrete and drone to modern composition
and they will be performing four live numbers for us this evening.
Listen again HERE

23rd : CHRIS LAMBERT ~ mix

Tonight's guest mix comes courtesy of writer and poet
Chris Lambert, who has put together an incredibly beautiful
selection of spoken word, film samples, radio static and music
ranging from The Soulless Party to Cliff Richard. He calls his mix
'Stonewatching with Joe Kapp' and I assure you, it is not to be missed.
2nd : GIALLOS FLAME ~ mix

For the 2nd week I was so poorly, but tonights mix
has been rescheduled for the first week in June (hopefully)

what happened in April

PSB not to be confused with Pet Shop Boys perform 4 songs
from their magnificent 'Inform Educate Entertain' album tonight.
They are currently in the middle of a huge tour with 3 dates at the
RAF Museum all sold out, but you can stay indoors and keep safe by
tuning into The Garden live, but you can now listen to the mix HERE

   18th : THE ZZIPS ~ live session

Riding the crest of the new wave of modern Indie Blues
this fine band have pre-recorded their Garden session in what
sounds like a packed pub! So I shall look forward to mixing
around their 4 songs with a mix of live tracks by other artists.
Listen to the full 2 hour mix HERE

25th : No Show Tonight

No excuses, I was so full of flu I couldn't make a cuppa tea
and Alphabetti-Spaghetti on toast let alone do a radio show, sorry...
4th : DJ WILSON ~ mix

After several months trapped in a camper-van in the Black Country
cooking up top quality mixes, the main man from Birmingham is back!
This time he's brought an old friend who will be poking in his sticky
fingers and turning the mix blue. Expect displeasure and delight in equal
quantities and please don't tell anyone else about this, it's kind of illegal.
You can listen again to the full mix HERE
                                   30th : TOM TYLER ~ mix

I have been digging Tom's groove in The Garden for many years
now and so it was with great delight I accepted his offer to record
an exclusive mix for the show. Featuring selections from Chassol
to The Shaolin Afronaughts as well as Radiohead and his own
new music recorded as Ganzfeld which by a quite staggering
coincidence is also my album of the month, hear why from 10pm.