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what happened in September
12th : THE WYTCHES ~ in session

Our radio station closes down after tonight but I plan to go out
with a right audio racket. It's handy that these Brighton rockers
should be playing a session for the show tonight, so expect noise,
tears, bad mic levels and the usual gubbins as I bid farewell
to Acorn House and all its free milk and coffee.
Listen or download here


As a follow up to his previous TOTE mix which went
down so sweetly on the show earlier this year, its creator
has gone and done it again with the fiendishly titled TOTE II.
What can you expect to hear? Don't ask me I only write this stuff!
Listen again here

      Unfortunately CRMK  have to leave our home at Acorn House in
  Milton Keynes and as of mid September we have no official studio space.       Fingers x it won't be the end of our station - 35 years old this year, but fear          not The Garden will return in some capacity soon so watch this space
                        (or my Facebook page) hope to see you soon!

It's rare for me to miss a show (OK the other week doesn't count)
but tonight I will be away on a proper family holiday with my wife
and everything, in Wales and man, I really LOVE Wales. I've been there
before and hell I even went to school there and played rugby too for ages.

   15th : MIDLAKE ~ in session

It is with great pleasure I am able to bring you a four track
session with this fine Texan band. They'll be performing songs
from their recent Antiphon album as well as a mystery cover version
and I will be looking forward to mixing around their tunes, as I do.
Now available to listen or download here

22nd : 13 @ 9 ~ mix

Continuing a series of mixes in which I rope in my own
family (in this case my son) who will choose his favourite
13 records at 9 years old. His previous mixes have been 11 @ 7
and 12 @ 8 so as you may have already worked out, my fiendish
plan is for him to reach a Top 20 by the time he's 16.
You can now download the mix here
1st : DJ DAN BUTLER ~ mix

Dan has mixed up a really sweet set for us this evening,
though his original mix was over 2 hours, he's managed to
chop it up into a tidy 1 hour in length. So if you plan to have a
mid-summer BBQ soon then this could be your perfect soundtrack,
Dan's mix was re-scheduled from last week as my car broke down!

                                    29th : WILBURY TWIST ~ mix

        Tonight I will be mixing up plenty of old tunes by Bob Dylan, 
       Roy Orbison, George Harrison, and ELO alongside more recent
      music by Tom Petty. To add a pinch of spice to the mix there will
      be extra added Travelling Wilbury bits and of course this is in no
   way a cynical ploy on my behalf to attract older listeners to the show.
                                             Listen again here
what happened in August