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7th : JUMP IN TO 2014

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends!
It's only been a month away but it has felt like a lot longer.
The studio has been tweaked and tidied so I can't even moan
about faders not fading or the desk not working properly anymore
and as long as I don't have some pathetic illness it'll be all systems go.
   21st : UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA ~ in session

It should be a great night tonight, I have those weirdy
Kiwi rockers Unknown Mortal Orchestra in session,
a shit load of new records, a few roll-ups along with
3, yes 3 cans of beer! Does it get any better than this?!
Probably... you can now listen to the mix HERE

28th : JUDE COWAN MONTAGUE ~ in session

I'm looking forward to bringing you a second session
with Jude tonight, featuring all new tracks. I'll be mixing
around 6 exclusive songs with music by other female artists
including Agnes Obel and Cate LeBon and Hannah Peel.
You can still hear Jude's 1st session in the mix for The Garden
at Mixcloud here

14th : THE FREY EFFECT ~ mix

The Frey Effect are a 2-man IDM/Experimental project
based in Greece. I was so impressed by their Soundcloud
that I invited them to record a special mix exclusively for
the show. You will hear a mix of their own tunes alongside
music by Amon Tobin, Venetian Snares and Noisia from 10pm.
what happened in February

what happened in March
14th : TEMPLES ~ in session

This great new band only come from up the road from me
(Kettering) which was handy for them so they could just catch
a local bus to the studio to play out 4 tunes for us tonight.
They are about to embark on the NME Awards Tour next week
with Interpol and Royal Blood so expect Indie guitar tunes a go-go.
You can now listen to the mix HERE

This evening Northampton based DJ Paul Hillery the man
behind Heavy Crates and VG+ Nights at The Lamplighter has
chosen an exclusive selection from his vast library of good grooves.
Featuring Folk music in all it's various guises, from Psychedelic and
Xian to Balearic and Latin, hey and not forgetting Funky!

28th : JAZZ MAG NUMB 6 ~ mix

YES! it's finally here, the 6th in my series of cheeky mixes.
There will be quite a few spoken word samples taken from
adult movies (not mine) and sex education records (mine)
all lovingly mixed with suitably erotic tunes. I'd originally planned
the mix to have a heavy metal vibe but think I'll save that for JMN7.

7th : NIGHT OF CHILL ~ mix

Tonights show will be a pretty laid back affair with a twist.
As well as my own selections I shall be playing out a mix
by Kenneth Bager who has been a DJ since the 80's and has
worked with Jean Luc Ponty and Julee Cruise amongst others.
So kick back and relax from 10pm, you'd be bats not to!