THE BANANA SPLITS : 'We're The Banana Splits' ~

This theme tune to one of the crrrraziest kids TV shows
ever devised on strong hallucinogenics is still an insanely
catchy song which sums up the total unpredictablity of
the show itself. Featuring Fleagle, Bingo, Drooper and of
course Snork, it only ran from 1968 to 1970 and I can still
remember being mesmerised, totally confused and hooked
on this brain scrambling show as a toddler. It probably had
more of an influence on me than I care to admit...

Nick Nicely : Hilly Fields 1892 ~ EMI 1982

This superb psychedelic masterpiece by Nick Nicely is the
perfect example of why magic mushrooms and music often
make such wonderful soup. Single Of The Week in NME at
the time altho its predecessor 'DCT Dreams' was ignored,
these two records left one in little doubt as to what their
creator was ingesting in his leisure time. These are perfect
pop creations owing more than a little to XTC and Syd Barrett.

STONED AID : 'Are You Going To Stonehenge?' ~ Hit Records

In the 80's the popular charity of choice was either
Live Aid, Band Aid or Ferry Aid. However when the
Hippy festival at ancient stone circle Stonehenge was
under threat (probably from the Tories) then there
was only one way to raise a few pence to secure more
weed, sorry, save the festival, and that was to release
a REALLY crap record. Thankfully it didn't suceed and
everyone went to Glastonbury instead, tsk... breadheads eh?

CASSETTE BOY : 'Di + Dodi Do Die' ~ Barry's Bootlegs 1997

This is a brilliant collage of manipulated news broadcasts
from the weeks around the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.
Featuring snippets of songs from Michael Jackson's 'Dirty Diana'
to Ian Dury's 'Plaistow Patricia' it is without doubt the nastiest
but most hilarious 7" single of the 90's. Cassette Boy has also
released some full length LPs of his audio mischief but this little
gem remains the jewel in his crown of thorny subjects.

1.99 GHOST : 'Follow That Crow' ~ Anvil 2002

This is a suitably strange cover for what is a very freaky
single. The A side is harmless enough but on the flip is a
menacing, disturbing track titled 'Animal Fat' which describes
how "the men sat around, dipping their biscuits into great big
puddles of animal fat... the women... were all boss-eyed".
1.99 Ghost, also known as Simon Baxter, describes his record as
"the sound of Hummus oozing down the street", and he's not wrong.

ALLARDYCE : 'Put In A Potterton' ~ 1970's

I can only assume the artist here is Allardyce as there is
no credits except for a producer with that name on the label.
The music is a delightful song advertising Potterton Gas Fires
from the early 70's. The flip has an unusual ditty by TV comedy
trio The Goodies, titled 'It's A Gas' which may not be quite as
catchy as their 'Funky Gibbon' but it's worth tracking down this
single from your local charity shop for the A side alone.


These singles are just some of my personal faves
with this page being the first in a series of freaky
45's with even freakier LP's to come. Some have just
got nice sleeves but all have great sounds in them
grooves. I hope to have part 2 up onsite sometime
soon but until then I hope you enjoy these as much
as I do for all the right reasons.

      also available

NEW BAD THINGS : 'I Suck' ~ Sticky 1994

This truly twisted single from the fine US West Coast indie band
which proudly proclaims that Elvis, Nietzsche, David Bowie, Eno,
Tom Jones (because he's Welsh) and yes, even you and I all SUCK!!!
They sound very much like early Beck and with great lyrics...
"David Bowie wrote 'Rock-n-Roll Suicide' got me through
a depressed adolescence, makes me wish he'd died at 30
like a real rock star, David Bowie SUCKS!"

KLAUS NOMI : 'Ding Dong' ~ RCA 1982

Here was a man way ahead of his time, combining opera,
1930's German Cabaret and 1960's American Pop alongside
21st century synthesizers,  but he unfortunately died in the 20th.
His bizarre version of the song from 'The Wizard Of Oz' was a big
hit in his native Bavaria in 1982 and was taken from the second
of his two albums. Originally coming to world attention via his
support slot for David Bowie on US TV, he was a true original and
an inspiration for many a freaky glam rocker.

JILTED JOHN : 'Jilted John' ~ RABID 1978

A classic unrequited love song which later gave birth
to the fact that Gordon was indeed a moron. Perhaps
if Julie had not wanted to two-time John then this bitter
sweet ode may never have been written. The Jilted half
of the story however turned out to be a young John Shuttleworth, the versatile singer/organist from Sheffield in South Yorkshire.

tra lala, tra lalala, etc
Hilly Fields 1892 sleeve
one banana two banana three banana four
Are You Goung To Stonehenge? maaaan
stond agin
I Suck
and so do I
Di + Dodi Do Die
Ding Dong...
the witch is dead
Gordon is a moron
going steady
Put In A Potterton
His Master's Rabbit
Hilly Fields 1892 label
in a tunnel
drip   drip   drip