OK, so the background to this gallery may not reflect
the grim reality of the many Glastonbury mudbaths
I have had to endure over the years, but I hope this
selection of my old programmes, photos and memories
will brighten your visit to this new Garden gallery.
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       This was my first Glastonbury experience and still one of my fondest.
     I got a lift down on the back of a mate's moped, which took all day to
get there from Milton Keynes, especially as it broke down twice.
I had been to festivals before most notably Reading'79 but this was
by far the most eye-opening experience. Around 16,000 folks, mostly bloody hippies, ticket was £8 (I think) the programme was only 20p.
In brief, the sun shone and the vibes were good, some highlights for
me were seeing Barney from New Order falling over totally pissed
as they came on stage and Ginger Baker & Roy Harper fighting
and arguing over who should be on the stage next, happy memories.


         There were some great bands on this year, The Pogues
        were the most memorable, it was a shame then that The Smiths,
who had not turned up the previous year were absolutely dreadful
when they did grace us with their presence and played a lacklustre set
for about 20 minutes and were unbelievably blown off the stage by the
truly awful King! Local MK band Solstice also played this year though
I think I must have missed them... Thankfully in the Theatre tent there was Arnold Brown, Keith Allen and The Greatest Show On Legs, all on fine form.

This year was by far my worst weekend at a festival in my life!
It was nothing to do with the no show by The Smiths that tipped
me over the edge but the fact that in my haste to get there
that year I fell off a train and was stuffed full of legal painkillers.
I also had to suffer a tent full of moaning, miserable friends who
decided to have domestic problems that weekend as well as the fact
that the only place we could get our useless bloody tent hitched was right
underneath some giant electric pylons. Just a brief glance at the bands
who were on this year too would put most folks off going in the first place
and I spent the whole weekend in a gloom of misery & woe...
ahhh, pity the poor Gardener...


A strange year in more ways than one, for a start there was no
proper programme, only the local Venue listings magazine with
a few pages dedicated to who was on at the back. The headline band
on the Friday was unknown until the night & I still can't remember who it was. I do remember it being the same week as one of The Pretenders
died and feeling quite sad about that for 5 minutes. Still, there were
some great comedians in the Theatre tent this weekend including wee
David Rappaport, Rik Mayall and Professor Finlay's Phantom Fingers.


The memory which stands out from 1986 was the lights, man.
It may seem quite laughable now but bands like Level 42 and
Psychedelic Furs were just incredible to see down the spiral
of a green lazer beam tunnel, no really! And the films in the cinema
area were good this year too with Dune, Blues Brothers and
Monty Python's Meaning Of Life keeping me awake and
giggling at 3am, or maybe it was that mushroom tea...

c'mon now, over-sized chess, you know it makes sense

I have very little recollection of this year except to say
I remember being in hysterics watching Jerry Sadowitz
perform in the Theatre tent. His card trick magic was
amazing and his joke about the Queen Mother reduced
the audience to tears. He was brilliant that night and
is still the greatest stand up comedian alive today, probably.


This year was my first sighting of the mighty Pixies
and they were as blistering hot as the weather!
There were so many stages at the festival by this time
that I only wandered by the main stage on a few occasions.
On the Friday night whilst Suzanne Vega was wailing
away gone 11pm it was pretty worrying hearing so many folks singing along to her whining so late in the evening, I do worry!
But hope was at hand in the Theatre tents with Mark Thomas,
Jerry Sadowitz (again) and John Hegley for good company.
1981 : 20p prog
1982 : 40p prog
1984 : 80p prog
1985 : 90p prog
1986 : £1 prog
no cheques mate, this is Glasto!
my tent is the green one
I can see the main stage action from my car!
"take me to your Eavis"
Hawkwind's lead singer goes walkabout
1987 : £1.20 prog
FRI                                                                       SAT                                                               SUN
1989 : £2 prog
"our hands are stuck on Antartica"
altogether now, "we got the whole world in our hands"
tsk, bloody hippies...
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