eat my shorts Hendrix!
The Garden's roots first took hold in the early 90's
as a half hour slot via Cable Radio Milton Keynes on
a Thursday evening around teatime. Using old valve
technology and some dodgy 8 track cartridges the
show fed the city of MK a lean diet of scratchy muffins
and unpopular music, but after a while the format
gradually shape-shifted into the beast it is today.

Early sessions and interviews ranged from Radiohead
talking about 'OK Computer'  & acoustic sets with Beck,
Dandy Warhols and erm... Crowded House.
As well as angry punks Citizen Fish to Milton Keynes'
finest electro deviants Shock Corridor. Original tapes
of these shows now command two figure sums on E Bay!

With the progression of time, a longer time slot AND a nice lottery grant The Garden gradually grew a devoted fanbase
of listeners eager for an alternative to the playlist orientated shows heard elsewhere in the city. CRMK is a station run
entirely by volunteers, and in the 19 years I have been producing and presenting The Garden, it has been simply for the
love of playing and promoting the music I enjoy and my wish to share it with you.
I also self-finance and produce this site by myself so any ideas or support you may be able to offer me will always be
appreciated as I am a full time house parent now! For a brief periods in the early 21st century mixes from the show
could be heard via the Yossarian internet broadcasting network R.I.P. as well as MK's own fine station RFMK 
Now with this siteI will hopefully be able to fulfill all your Gardening needs and maybe kill a few of your musical weeds.

Further info on my dubious past... here

set the controls for the Heart of The Garden

In 2001 the Cube Cinema in Bristol played host to the UK premiere
of 'The Garden of Atlantis' my re-scored version of Luc Besson's
sublime aquatic masterpiece ATLANTIS. Featuring a new score with
selections by Pole, David Bowie, Amon Tobin, Broadway Project and
The Revolutionary Corps of Teenage Jesus and also Syd Barrett,
mixed together to give a truly alternative experience to the movie.

The original Cube Cinema performance proved such a success that
I was invited to perform it at the Big Chill festival in August at the
beautiful Lulworth Castle, Dorset in 01 ~ attracting a full tent for
the evening's show and this with Kruder & Dorfmeister on the main
stage, proved to be no problem thanks to the light drizzle!
The Garden of Atlantis experience was once again available for those
who missed it when it was shown again at 02's Blackout Festival in
Bristol with an all new mix. I performed it again in my home city of
MK for the first time in Oct 03 at Shenley Clock Inn.

Eric Serra's soundtrack sounds fishy

In Sept 03 The Cube Cinema in Bristol played host to a foundation-shaking
and bottom-trembling evening of extreme noise horror with the premiere
of my re-scored version of David Lynch's first feature ERASERHEAD.
For this I enlisted the skills of MK's finest guitarist Tariq Hussain for the
event and his fret wizardry and FX pedals were the perfect foil to my choice
of music and noises. A list of the tracks played on the evening are on the Mixes
page, but if you would like a CD copy be aware it is NOT easy listening.
More info : The Cube Cinema

Lurking outside The Cube Cinema

dusk at the Cube-ist Cstle
Tariq Hussain turns it up to 12


Pictured here are the mighty Faust who stopped off during
their last ever UK concert tour to spend a delightful evening
in The Garden, sadly not performing in our studios but we did
have a good chat and they are very friendly chaps.

Over the years many different performers have wandered
up The Garden path at CRMK including the lovely CAT POWER
THE BUTTERFLIES OF LOVE & Quickspace as well as ARCO
and CINERAMA along with many local bands including Radio 1
faves ODD MAN OUT and the fine Bluesband SUGARLAND SLIM. 

A few years ago Sky Television cameras swooped upon the
studio to find out more about a lady who was reading her pornographic poetry on the show,
to my sleazy soundtracks: this was featured on a really awful show called  'Secrets of Suburbia' 
I was young, I needed the money, a bit...


Remember this site is now also available in Chinese...
His Master's Rabbit
The Garden live in London  in 2005

The Garden live in Leicester in 2005

The Garden live in Leicester in 2007

Head Gardener goes to Live8

Czech band C come to Milton Keynes C