Tonight was indeed something special as Northampton musicians collective Murmurists performed LIVE on the show in an improvised jam session and sound-clash with my full vinyl support.The results may best be described as incredible but then again it all did go hOrRiblY wrong in places, but a splendid time was had by all, so we thought so
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His Master's Rabbit

special mix

Garden Jam
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10th : LIARS
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the Gardening year
27th : CHABZ + KRIZO
6th : INTO 2006
20th : FOLK ME
Gardening mix
exclusive mix
Gardening mix
Thad Gardener looked forward to the year ahead to see what we may be listening to in 2006. There was also plenty of fresh, new music from Matinee Orchestra, Cat Power, Readymade FC and all manner of delightful sounds as well as some of the best tunes from 2005
the music of Chabz + Krizo has been described as "bloated  chunky beats with nauseous, gut churning sub-bass". There was no shortage of such delightful pleasures in this special mix recorded by the Hungarian duo especially for the show.
this mix promised no shortage of long hair, beards, pipes & fiddles, etc and there was no need to put a finger in your ear either. A mix of classic Folk music from Lead Belly to Fairport Convention right up to date with Woodcraft Folk, The Eighteenth Day Of May etc, there was never any need to cry "folkin' hell" at tonights selection of hairy delights
usually to be found messing with heads on a Thursday evening on CRMK our very own Melvin Pickles dropped by to warm our ears with some of that dubby stuff an ting. It turned out to be a night of bottom trembling bass heavy grooves, which was nice
exclusive mix
what happened in...
 ex-Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft came face to face with Head Gardener to chat about his disappointing new long player and other serious issues. Hopefully you didn't expect any interesting discussions on whether the drugs might actually work or if he is indeed a Lucky Man, but got a load of waffle about his recently LP 'Keys To The World'
I kicked off the month with a mix of sounds from Northampton's finest electronic noise experimentalist who's also one of the most prolific artists I've ever come across. So there was no shortage of sTrAnGe and WeiRd sounds wafting over the airwaves that evening. He may test the patience of the more sensitive listener but the rewards can be cathartic and enlightening, so I hope you were happy to have your ears turned inside out.
scary New York based band Liars dropped by for an exclusive 4 song set, featuring songs from their excellent new 'Drum's Not Dead' album. As a long time admirer of the band's music I looked forward to complimenting their tracks with my own selection of tunes and freaky beats & pieces.