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5th : THE BLOCKADE ~ in session

South London based band The Blockade have been
gigging since 2004 and took a break from their busy live
schedule to wander up my Garden path for an exclusive
semi-acoustic session. Their session was due to be broadcast
last month but gremlins sabotaged it, but it went smoother
tonight, download their session mix HERE

12th : THE GODFATHER & SON ~ mix

Following on from his mighty 'It Ain't Half Apocalypse Now' mix
Sir Marlon Donmarathon brought us his latest and possibly greatest
mix so far. Bringing The Godfather and Steptoe & Son together would
be a total disaster in the wrong hands but luckily his are the right hands.
So I hope you joined yours together in celebration for his hour long mix.
Download available soon

19th : UNMANN - WITTERING ~ mix

A new year and the first of what will hopefully be several
new mixes exclusively for the show from the only band in the world
called Unmann-Wittering. Last years Reversing The Polarity focused on
the music of Dr. Who whilst tonights was titled 'Elasticated Waste'
and one thing you can be sure of, it wasn't any bendy old rubbish!
Download the mix HERE

26th : TARIQ PLAYS BEEFHEART ~ exclusive live set

Master guitarist and long-time Garden friend, Tariq Hussain aka
The Spotlight Kid wants to booglarize you baby, and who can blame him?
Last year his guitar wanted to kill yo mama and he left a cosmic debris
in the CRMK studio so tonight he found a clear spot to play his best batch yet.

Hear Here
His Master's Rabbit
CRMK radio - home of the hits
CRMK radio - home of the hits
8th : HELLO 2010 ~ mix

To kick off the new year I did what I always seem to do
on my first show of January and that is to play a lot of my
favourite tunes from the last 12 months and mix them with
a selection of stuff that has not yet been released. I had been away for
2 weeks over the holidays too so I probably mucked about, a bit.

15th : THE BLOCKADE ~ in session

The station's server crashed and so the night with Blockade
was postponed until next month, go to the bottom for info!

22nd : DEAD BIRD FLOWER ~ session

Dead Bird Flower is a musical collaboration between Davide Landini of
previous Garden session guests Morose and Jennifer Jo, of Empty Vessel Music.
They recorded this exclusive session in Seattle and their beautifully
cool and gentle tunes sounded perfect for this chilly time of year.
You can download their tracks in full here:
Last Night
St. Joseph Radio
The Man Behind The Curtain

29th : BURAKA SOM SISTEMA ~ exclusive mix

It may have seemed that Rage Against The Machine making
the UK #1 at Xmas was a big deal, well it was an even bigger deal
that my guest mixers tonight were  the Xmas #1 in Spain!
BSS are an electronic music project from Portugal specializing
in progressive kuduro and tonight they entertained us with a
suitably eclectic mix which came exclusively from my friends at Fabric.

s  p  a  c  e  is deep, man
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