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                                      17th : SEBASTIAN F. SORROW ~ mix

                         Another Garden exclusive for you tonight featured
                      a psych/synth funk/motorik/prog mix by a Swedish DJ
                   who actually has more pseudonyms than is probably legal.
                     You were certainly not hoodwinked by his choices from
                            Hawkwind to Catharsis and Shusha to Tangra.
                                                 download available soon
   24th : NO SHOW

A nightmare of an evening I would rather forget as our
station's server crashed and I wasn't able to broadcast.
Thankfully I was assured this was a "one off" so don't
expect such a calamity to happen again - oh yeah...?
           d t  3rd : THE PEELGOOD FACTOR ~ mix
                                     Raz Razzle has recorded 3 mixes for the show in the last
                                 few years and they are always well received by my listeners.
                                Tonight however he created something extra special and quite
                                 poignant too, taking samples from old John Peel radio shows
                                        and mixing them up into a quite extrordinary blend
                                       alongside music from his alter ego Landfill Harmonic.
                                                              Now available to hear : HERE
10th : JAMES MURRAY ~ mix

He released his excellent new album Floods was earlier this
month and tonight the boss of Slowcraft Records offered us
his second exclusive mix for the show. A sublime selection of
tunes by the likes of Dollboy, Halogen, Woob as well as his own
ambient music, aural pleasure for everyone.
Here is one of James' earlier mixes

                                              21st : PINK FLOYD ~ mix

                 "Oh no not another Pink Floyd mix" I hear you cry, well yes...
                      the extended-reissue-re-packaged-extra gubbins issues
               released in the last few months were crying out to be mucked 
                 about with that someone has to do it so it may as well have
                         been me, oh c'mon you loved it really, didn't you?
                              an hour of the mix is available to hear HERE
    28th : FOLK IN HELL ~ mix

Oh Lordy, this was fun - a whole evening devoted to
American and UK Folk music from 1913 to 1938 including
  many tracks from Murder Ballads & Songs of Disaster and the
Anthology of American Folk Music compiled by Harry Smith.
There are so many beautiful songs on those box sets and
I picked all my favourites over the course of the show.
listen ~ download
           d t  7th : BEST OF 2011 PART II ~ mix
                      With so much great music released last year I was
                      unable to play everything I digged in The Garden
                     in just one show. So I carried on where I left off in
                      the last week of last year and played plenty of new
                       tracks from albums by DJ Food and James Murray.
                        The mix is now available HERE

This duo's name comes from a song by power electronics
pioneers Whitehouse whilst their drum breaks come from jungle
and hip-hop. You could say their music is proudly unaffiliated,
cobbling together influences that will strike older listeners
as disparate and younger ones as perfectly concordant,
i'm not sure this mix went down all that well to be honest...