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What happened in February
           d t15th : BROADWAY PROJECT ~ mix
                  I have admired the magnificent multi-layered orchestral sweeps and
                lush hallucinogenic symphonies of Broadway Project for many years.
                So it is with great pleasure to bring you this exclusive mix recorded
                   especially for the show tonight by Bristol based mainman Dan Berridge.
                   It's 10 years since his 1st mix for The Garden and I hope you'll enjoy his new one.

11th : AMINIROLL ~ mix

Tonights mix was postponed as the studio server
went down, the curse of illegal downloading no doubt!
Expect Aminiroll's mix in early March

  4th : GUIDED BY VOICES ~ mix
  Alas, sadly not an exclusive mix by Robert Pollard or Tobin Sprout
  but my own choices from the enormous and mind boggling GBV
  back catalogue. It's something I have been meaning to do on the show for
  ages and this had to be re-scheduled from January when I was snowed in!
It is now available to hear or download HERE

  22nd : SOUL PICNIC ~ mix

      He's a blogger, remixer, film-maker, record breaker and now
      he has also done a mix for The Garden. With selctions from the
      free Jazz wig-outs of Ornette Coleman to the Prog rock madness
  of Brainticket he calls it Patrolling The Winds and it is now
  available as a download for your listening pleasure : HERE
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what happened in January
           d t18th : NO SHOW
                  Alas, the weather got the better of me tonight and I was
                  snowed in, so I rescheduled tonights GBV mix for February.
11th : HEY COLOSSUS ~ mix

Joe and Bob (above) aka 2/7ths of Hey Colossus have roped in the
full 7/7ths of the band to chose their mix selections which range from
John Martyn to Suicide so you can rest easy that they really do know their onions.
Their 8th album comes out on Mie Music in mid March and you can expect
great things to come as this live footage quite rightly shows.
Now available for your listening pleasure HERE

  4th : FIRST AID KIT ~ in session

They were probably very popular at school and now it seems the
Swedish sisters Johanna & Klara Söderberg are very popular for
several other reasons! Now watch their popularity soar after
I broadcast an acoustic session with them sometime after 10pm.
Now available to hear and download HERE

  25th : MOROSE ~ in session

      It has been exactly 10 years since their first session for the show
    and it's with great pleasure that I welcome the return of Italian band
   Morose for another Gardening exclusive. They may have undergone
   changes in personnel and labels but they still retain their unique and
   beautiful sound, you can now hear their latest session mix HERE