what happened in July

8th : GEL SOL
29th : RED WHARF
yes, it's true! the Head Gardener rambled amongst the brambles with one of the world's BIGGEST bands, again. You're no doubt familiar with their recent album X&Y so I grilled them about that and other important matters over a nice glass of Apple juice and some fair trade mince pies.. it could have been be quite interesting, but was just very dull
15th : 
for his 8th minimalism mix for the show, Mr Ra dipped into his box for tunes on various labels including List, Type, Hapna and Lampse. Hopefully you were fully horizontal before drifting away to this most chillin' of mixes
tonight I showcased the multi-talented work of audio & visual artist Graham Bowers. I mixed a selection of his strange and sometimes disturbing sound scores including some of his most recent creations such as Pilgrim a work inspired by John Bunyan's Pilgrims Progress and part of his trilogy featuring Mary's Blood and Eternal Ghosts into a unearthly 60 minute mix.
Careful with that axe Geldof!
On July 2nd The Head Gardener went to
that Live 8 event in Hyde Park, London.
Pictures of my day are published HERE
for your viewing pleasure ~ Cheers Bob!
perhaps the UK's best extreme music label is based up the road from our studio in MK, so it was about time I invited their founder and mainman Justin Mitchell in for a little chat. I  previewed several of their new releases as well as playing old favourites from the likes of Merzbow, Laibach, C.C.C.C. and Genesis P. Orridge, a musical journey that was not for the faint-hearted
following on from my recent em:t records mix in March, it was my great pleasure  to bring you this live mix by one of the labels finest artists Gel Sol. Covering a  w  i  d  e  range of electronica from artists as diverse as Stockhausen to The Orb as well as King Crimson, Boards Of Canada and his own new music, this was indeed a live audio treat
what happened in August
12th : THE FALL
regular listeners may already be familiar with my support for this fine Scottish musician & composer and tonight he delighted us with a mix of his personal choices. Mixing some of his favourite music from the past alongside several of his own beautiful compositions including tracks from his recent album Swimming Aid :: this was finger lickin' good stuff
tonight's mix aah, was compiled by Paul Wilson, perhaps better known aah, as the inventor of the Mark E. Smith lettering typeface aah. As a lifelong Fall fan, Paul has chosen a selection of tracks only a true aficionado could compile aah. It has taken him over 3 months to sort, arrange & compile this rather special mix aah, the results are both rockin' and aah shockin'
older listeners may remember Dee Generate from the original young Punk band Eater. He may have only been 14 years old but he was at the eye of the Punk storm in '76 and was it's youngest musician and public menace. Tonight he made a welcome addition to this month of special mixes with his personal choice of Punk in it's rawest and truest form: loud, snotty, offensive and just bloody brilliant.
to co-incide with the release of the fine Keepintime drums & Hip-Hop mixing extravaganza I celebrated the evening with all things drums, from various musical genres and styles. From the heavy, heavy monster sound of John Bonham to the lightest of touches by Earl Palmer and Carl Palmer, this was one drumming evening which was not ruined by Phil Collins getting his damned sticks out for the lads!
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