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          LTJ BUKEM 
                     DAVE SWAIN
                  in session
             in session
Described by The Wire as a "new breed of one man band"
which neatly sums up the electronic wizardry of Dave Swain.
This was the second session he has done exclusively for the show,
with his first being one of the most downloaded shows I have
ever uploaded. I can assure you that this new session was so
far out there that you probably needed to change your pants afterwards!

I was proud to kick off the month with a great mix for the
show from the legendary d&b innovator. He is also label boss of
Good Looking Records which is associated with the more jazzy,
atmospheric side of drum and bass and I have fond memories of
playing out his 'Logical Progression' albums in the early days
of the show. So on the same evening that he played a rare UK date
in Bristol, I was playing his exclusive mix out for you tonight.

I was on holiday in the Lake District this week so
a mystery guest presenter sat amongst the shrubbery
for you tonight. I trust he/she did his/her best to keep
you entertained and if you feel that for some reason they
didn't then I want you to come and tell me personally OK!

The Wolf are a new London based band fronted
by a Lithuanian born singer-songwriter named Joana.
They played a support slot for Babyshambles earlier
this year and recently released their debut single
titled 'Natural Born Killer'. I managed to tame
them into a more sedate acoustic session tonight but
then you never could predict what a wolf would do.


oi slap'ead!
probably not a she
Dave twiddles with his knob
Joana in sheeps clothing
Tonight I paid my own small tribute to Mr. Young by
digging out my original vinyl and mixing them with
selections from his recently released 'Archives' box set.
With such a huge back catalogue to pick from it was just
my personal choice, but as a life-long fan you could be
sure that I did my best to pick wisely!

A Southern Man don't need him around anyhow
             BACK OF THE BUCKET
What finer way to start the month than with an
eclectic selection from my good friends at The Bucket?
It is usually Mr. Pickles who brings the noise for you
but as a special treat for you tonight it was Paul!
There was be a fair selection of new tunes and plenty of
old hairy ones too which should have kept everyone happy.

Tonight I had originally planned to broadcast Ray Wittering's
excellent Dr.Who mix, however I had "technical problems",
so will play it out in full next month {I hope!}
Instead I played a lovely Ambient mix this evening,
which seemed to go down quite well.

Another exclusive mix for the show, this time from
the trio known collectively as the Scratch Perverts.
They unleashed a new mix album only a month or so ago
and their mix tonight was a similar but altogether different
kettle of fish. There were exclusive test pressings
and dubplates from the likes of Björk, A-Trak, Jakes
and Skream, names we are all familiar with, well Björk anyway.

Could there have been a lovelier way to end the month
than a mix from a man who lives in a garden shed?
I very much doubt it, and tonight you could have heard
this exclusive mix from Johnno Casson aka Snippet who's
new single was also be released this week, organic man!

a wicky wicky wah
Arthur {2 sheds} Jackson not pictured
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