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you may also enjoy these audio-visual Gardening pleasures
                                                15th : CLAMS CASINO ~ mix

     This was a sweet selection of tunes put together by
        visionary beatmaker and New Jersey producer Clams Casino.
          It is an instrumental mixtape of classic ghetto production techniques
         filtered through the eye of YouTube embed codes, alongside tracks
         from his excellent new recently released Rainforest EP.

    22nd : PULCO ~ session

This was the  3rd session for the show with groovy Welsh
Wizard Pulco aka Ash Cooke, former frontman of ye olde
indie-rockers Derrero. One of his previous mixes was recorded
especially underwater and I hope I complimented his tracks this
evening with a suitable selection of my own - you can listen HERE
                                                              29th: ZERO COPTERS ~ mix

          He has created some masterful mixes for the show over
         the last 3 years and has been away for a while - although not at
          Her Majesty's pleasure I might add,. He made a long overdue
         return with one of his best mixes yet. You may know him as
            Mark Wilson but tonight ladies and gentlemen, he was... Zero Copters!
Click here to add text.              1st : RETURN TO THE GARDEN ~ mix

Tonight was my first opportunity to play music from the mountain
of cds and vinyl stacked neatly by my desk. There was very little
in the way of old favourites as I just played all the new things
I'd recently discovered that you may have missed or had yet to hear.


OK so, I am away for weeks on end and then on the second
   week back I am away again, crackers! There was supposed to
be a special guest coming in but I then found out he couldn't
make it either... So no Gardening AT ALL this week, however
I did record a fresh mix to try & make up for it : download it here

                                                19th : CURRENT 93 ~ mix

       This was a great night on the show, which featured
      a special mix by recorded by David Tibet for FACT
     magazine alongside selections from my own collection of
       Apocalyptic folk and post-industrial vinyl obscurities.
The download is available here

   26th : MC MELVIN PICKLES ~ mix

Legendary Purple-Radio DJ Mr. Pickles put together an
exclusive mix for you tonight which he has kept under wraps
so much I had no idea what the hell it was going to be like.
However a download is available for you now
Click here to add text.                      5th : DAM MANTLE ~ mix

I kick off August with a fresh mix by a new, young minimal beats artist
from Glasgow named Dam Mantle. He is quoted as saying recently
"Just buying records in charity shops - that's how I spent most of my Saturdays."
so his mix will have gone down a treat tonight!

  This evening I promised to gently massage your ears with
the softest sounds of electronic loveliness until you went gooey
and tried to lift your arms up to weakly swat me away,
as you'll have thought it was all just a little too nice, probably...

what happened in July