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Gardening in August
                 19th : GEORGE'S 12 @ 8 ~ mix
                   Tonight should be special for a couple of reasons. Firstly my lad
                    gets to choose his 12 current favourite tunes before he turns 9
                   and tonight is also my birthday! I will no doubt celebrate with my
                   listeners by sitting in a dark room inside an empty office block with
                  a load of old records, some cold coffee and 2 bars of Moser Roth
                 chocolate, well not much change there then...

12th : FOXYGEN ~ in session

The Californian rockers started the  year with the release of
their We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic LP
and they celebrate the halfway point of 2013 with a Gardening session!
I shall mix up some 60s psychedelia and freaky avant-garde tunes around
their tracks and the only predictable thing will be the start time of 10pm.
Listen or download the mix HERE

     5th : OLI HEFFERNAN ~ mix

       He mixed up a treat for us back in March and now 4 months on
     the man behind Ack!Ack!Ack! Records and the fearless leader of
       Year Of Birds has sorted a fresh mix especially for the show tonight.
     This time around he has themed his mix on animals; I doubt
    he'll be playing How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?
   but hey, who knows! You can now find out HERE

  26th :UNDER THE COVERS ~ mix II

       I had so much fun digging around trying to find unusual
       cover versions for my first UTC mix that I've dug even deeper
     into my cellar to come up with another selection of alternative
     versions. From unlikely Bowie covers to ridiculous Zappa tributes
     tonight there will 2 hours of unpopular revisions of popular songs.
Listen again or download the mix HERE

mail me baby

                 16th : BLUE FOR YOU ~ mix
                   Following the previous old/new nights I guess it was inevitable
                    I would mix for a night with records I'd borrowed from friends
                  and play them alongside some tunes that mention the word blue.
                  So, from that old Island Records compilation that I never gave back
                  to a bloke I once worked with in a factory in 1985 to something blue
                  by Miles Davis I'm sure I can come up with an interesting mix.
                Now available to hear or download HERE
9th : SOMETHING NEW ~ mix

It's out with the old and in with the new tonight as I shall
be zapping back to the studio with armfuls of yet to be
released tracks and future hits you don't even know you're
gonna love yet! Join me from 10pm as I promise not to play
you anything that was released before 4.30pm yesterday.
  Now available to hear or download HERE
     2nd : SOMETHING OLD ~ mix

To start off the month of August I'll be picking
out some old tunes to smooth you into the mood, so just
kick back and relax as I entertain you this warm Friday night.
Be safe in the knowledge - I won't be playing anything new
or modern, just those golden oldies you know and love so well.

  30th : AMINIROLL ~ mix

       For his latest exclusive mix for The Garden the mysterious
      Aminiroll has gone back to the 70's and 60's for some retro
        grooves to cool all you hot cats out there. Expect some shmokin'
        tunes and upright blues for your late night listening pleasure.
   Now available for your listening pleasure HERE

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  23rd :PULCO ~ in session

       I have a sneaky feeling that Ash Cooke aka Pulco is going
       for some kind of Guinness World Record attempt tonight,
      as this will be his FIFTH exclusive session for the show!
      I always enjoy mixing around his tunes and with his new
      album Clay Cuttlery recently released you can expect fresh
       songs aplenty but no doubt done completely differently.
Listen or download the mix HERE