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                  There was a complete change of plan for tonight as I couldn't
                  find anyone prepared to cover the show at such short notice.
                  Instead, I managed to persuade our studio engineer to sort it
                   so that you were able to hear some old mixes which I recorded
                  and first broadcast live on the show many years ago. So I would
                  have been there in spirit despite actually being in Disneyland Paris!
               These were the mixes broadcast : Letter B + Resonance Mix

           d t  3rd : WEEN ~ mix
                  They may have died only a few months ago but I exhumed the
                  warm rotting corpse of Ween and played out a career retrospective
                  that would have either converted you or make you want to switch off
                  in disgust! I'm no fan of everything they did in their 20+ album lifespan but
                 there were enough great tunes to fill up an hour of freaky Weeny goodness.
                   I am sorry, but I didn't tape the show tonight so the moment has gone, forever....

10th : KEITH SEATMAN ~ mix

Tonight I presented the second exclusive mix for the show from
Keith Seatman who specialises in beautiful organic electronica.
His first mix from March 2011 is still available to hear here and
the session he recorded for the show in August 2010 is here.
The mix he recorded for tonight will be available on his Mixcloud

  24th : AMINIROLL ~ mix

As I wrote at the time, the sun was shining outside and all
that rain from the past few months had but faded to a memory.
So it was with some relief that Aminiroll's latest and perhaps
greatest mix went out over the airwaves tonight and we could bask
in it's soothing and cooling delights and not get too hot and bothered.
He has also very kindly uploaded it for your listening pleasure here.
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         20th : THE TELESCOPES ~ mix

           After last months scoop of a great mix by Randall Nieman
           of Füxa I managed to secure another exclusive for you.
          Tonight it was The Telescopes frontman Stephen Lawrie
           to turn you on to his choice of favourites old and new along
           with several selections from his extensive back catalogue.
         His mix is available to download HERE

           d t  6th : DAD ROCK~ mix
                    This month I hit the big 5 oh! So what better way to start
                    the month than with a mix of really hairy old tunes mostly
                      from my era of ye olde 1970's. There was a tasty selection from
                    Spirit, Pentangle and Renaissance to Nazareth and Rickie Lee Jones
                     as well as smatterings of Punk and Folk. It will be broadcast on
                 Purple Radio in August but you can download it HERE

13th : HIPNONINJA ~ live mix

Tonight's audio treat came courtesy of Milton Keynes' very
own Hipnoninja, a solo double bass player who crosses electronica
with live bass to create ensemble pieces of bowed strings and
thumping bass lines. His set this evening was live and direct and
will have bothered your speakers somewhat, check it out on Soundcloud

  27th : MELVIN PICKLES ~ mix

As it turned out it was Melvin Pickles who kindly sat in my studio
chair whilst I buggered off to the Lake District for a long weekend.
He mixed up a sweet selection of groovy stuff for you which he
very kindly uploaded for your listening pleasure here.
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  31st : BOBBY WOTNOT ~ mix

It had been a few years since his last mix but it was a welcome
return for St. Ives' very own Bobby Wotnot into The Garden.
He previewed many new tunes and mix in several of his current
faves - tonight's show turned out to be very special indeed!
Bobbys' mix will be uploaded here soon.
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