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what happened in July
11th : AGNES OBEL ~ session

It's with great pleasure that I welcome the superb Danish
singer + pianist Agnes Obel into The Garden tonight.
She has released 2 beautiful albums on PIAS Records with her
debut Philharmonics being awarded 5 x platinum sales in Denmark.
I shall be mixing all female artists around her tunes which
will make her session mix Womens Hour VII.
Now available to listen or download here

   18th : WEIRD GEAR ~ mix III

The last in a series of mixes from Southend On Sea's
finest alternative radio heads, I present another set for you,
this time courtesy of Paul Barlow aka DJ Voice of Reason.
Featuring selections from The Bongolian, The Chemical Brothers
and the Dave Pike Set, I can assure you, you're gonna dig this trip.
Now available to hear again here

25th : buy a cheap car, what do you expect?

Tonights show was cancelled as my car broke down
on the way back from The Lake District (see FB for pics)
I re-sheduled Dan's mix for the first week in August.

Mixing spoken word snippets from his book
Tales From The Black Meadow the author Chris Lambert
has conjoured up a magical selection of sounds for his second
exclusive mix for The Garden. This will be part 1 of 2 so if you
enjoy this and I'm sure you will, there are further delights to come.
Now available to listen again here

mixes from April + May
13th : WEIRD GEAR ~ mix II

Continuing a series of mixes from Southend On Sea's finest
alternative radio heads, I present another great set for you,
this time from Paul Wolfe aka Cosine. It'll certainly mess with
your head and you can now listen to the mix in full here

   20th : JAPANESE ~ mix

Tonight I dip into the wonderfully messed up worlds of
Super Eurobeat, Technopop, Garage Rock and J-Pop,
from Midori and Guitar Wolf to!
Get your sugar rush fix NOW! hear/download here

27th : BREAKING BREAD II ~ mix

Following on from his first BB mix DJ Mark Wilson
returns to The Garden with yes you've guessed it, part II.
So like The Godfather, Aliens and The Terminator it may
at some point be necessary for a third instalment but until
then his latest mix will do nicely, thank you very much.
Now available to hear here
6th : GIALLOS FLAME ~ mix

At last (and hopefully 3rd time lucky) I am pleased to finally
be able to bring you this exclusive mix by Giallos Flame.
I've had a rotten bug on the 2 previous occasions I was due to
play it out, but fingers x I'll actually make it into the studio alive
tonight and that it really isn't jinxed, it's gonna be worth it!

in June