what happened in April
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2nd : DJ T. ~ mix

I kicked off April with another exclusive mix courtesy of my
friends at Fabric with DJ T. mixing up a very chilled selection.
His real name is Thomas Koch and he is a German nightclub owner
and also founder of Groove magazine where he was the editor for 15 years.
I complimented his mix with my own choice of laid back grooves.

9th : AMBIENT ~ evening

I've been accumulating some gorgeous new Ambient rotatey diskers
and played nothing but throughout the whole of the show tonight.
So there was no crashing guitars, no smashing drums, no bloody racket,
just pure chillout grooves which did hopefully not just put you to sleep!

16th : BILL NELSON ~ mix

This evening I presented an exclusive mix by Ritual Echo a video
artist who creates his own films to go with the music of Bill Nelson.
As a mutual admirer of Bill's work, I invited him to contribute his own mix
of the great man's music, which featured excerpts from classic Sci-Fi movies.
I also played several of my own favourite tracks from his incredible back catalogue.
Download his mix HERE


Tonight's mix came from Jon Tye and SFA artist Pete Fowler working together
under the moniker Monster at Work for the label Space Weather Sounds,.
Their mission statement is to be "a micro-psychronesial label set up to release
esoteric material by various artists and fried guises." Their beautiful mix is titled
'Music For Spaceports' and featured their own tunes alongside tracks from
Boards Of Canada and Stag Hare to Emeralds and Oneohtrix Point Never.
~ niiice ~

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His Master's Rabbit
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5th : WAR OF THE WORLDS ~ Dubstep mix

Ooooh laaa, a great mix by Dubstepfriday that uses Jeff Wayne's
War of the Worlds and follows the story arch of the classic 70's album.
Featuring many previously unreleased mixes with new tracks
by Distance and 16 Bit this mix works as a fine primer to Dubstep
as well as hearing War Of The Worlds from a fresh perspective.
Download the mix HERE

12th : THE GODFATHER & SON part II ~ mix

Following on from his mighty 'Godfather & Son' mix broadcast
last month, Sir Marlon Donmarathon brought us the next chapter
of the saga. His musical selections ranged from Talking Heads to Fuck Buttons
but it seems unlikely there will be a part III as that one was a bit shit.
Download the mix HERE

19th : MYSTERY GUEST ~ mix

Tonight I welcomed a mystery guest mixer into The Garden
who played who knew what and for who knew how long!?
They brought in a load of records and were let loose on the CRMK
decks and thankfully they remembered to take the paper bag off their head.
Unfortunately no recordings exist of the mix coz the Mini-disc player was broken!

26th : THE BUCKET ~ exclusive mix

Ye olde CRMK show The Bucket may have moved over to
Purple Radio (yeah, splitters!) but I still get to share a drink with
their dj posse on an ad hoc basis. They kindly offered me the mix
I played out for you tonight which had a bit of a Big Beat twist,
and hopefully pricked up your ears and made you want to listen twice.

what happened in March
30th : LADIES SECOND ~ mix

Tonight's mix is the cunningly titled follow up to my earlier
Ladies First mix which mainly focused on girls with their guitars.
This time it was synths and pianos and featured music from Broadcast
Rickie Lee Jones and rest assured there was plenty of Kate Bush oh aye.