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1st : STACKRIDGE ~ mix

Tonight I presented for you an eclectic selection of
music by a band I previously had very little knowledge of
(as I was no doubt listening the other way at the time)
My thanks to DJ Chris Evans of The Curve Ball radio show
who mixed up this career-spanning selection of the early
1970's British folk rock & progressive group.
Listen to the full mix on Mixcloud
8th : JAMES BREWSTER ~ mix

It was a pleasure to be able to bring you this exclusive
mix tonight from a great producer and sound-explorer
who has been creating innovative music and sound projects
for many years. He also recorded under the name of Mole Harness
and also once recorded a mix for the show many years ago.
15th : SNIPPET ~ mix II

It was only February just gone when my favourite rabbit loving,
shed dwelling musician sent me an exclusive mix for the show
and wouldn't you know it he'd gone and done it again!
Far be it from me to say that this mix is better than that mix,
I will leave that judgment up to you dear listener, so click
the Mixcloud and decide for yourself.
22nd : HAROLD NONO ~ mix

I have actually lost count of the number of mixes Mr. Nono
has recorded especially for the show but if I was to guess I'd
estimate this would be his 7th or 8th in over 10 years.
His own unique and beautiful ambient electronica recorded for
Bearsuit Records was gently nuzzled up against some of his
favourite tunes and until I am ever disappointed with his work,
I will simply keep playing it!
coz I hardly ever go to Myspace anymore
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4th : KEITH SEATMAN ~ mix

Last summer Keith recorded an exclusive session for
the show and tonight he returned with what he called his
Test Transmission - Archive Reel 2 mix. Stirring up an eclectic
selection of music from old soundtracks to modern electronica
via the sounds of early Genesis and Tonto's Expanding Headband
>>> LISTEN <<<
11th : BOBBY WOTNOT ~ mix

An exclusive mix by a former Milton Keynes
but presently St.Ives resident, Mr. Bobby Wotnot.
He is an independent musician/producer who likes to
work with different vocalists in various electronic genres.
Tonight you could hear some of his own new tunes mixed in
with several of his personal favourites, dive in you'll love it.
>>> LISTEN <<<
18th : TOUCH RECORDS ~ mix

Last month's Ambient mix went down so well I decided
to dig deep into my library and pulled out all I could find
on the beautiful Touch Records imprint. They have been
releasing music by artists as diverse as Biosphere and Philip Jeck
to Christian Fennesz for nearly 30 years and tonight you could
kick back and relax as I mixed them up for a whole hour.
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25th : THE BEATLES ~ mix

The Back Of The Bucket was one of our longest running
shows on CRMK until their main man Melvin Pickles left
for Purple Radio some years ago.Tonight he will made a welcome
return to us with a mix he called Back of the Bonkers Beatles Bucket
featuring songs by that well known group of musicians from
Liverpool who had a lot of hits in the 1960's.
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29th : THE HIGH LLAMAS ~ in session

Tonight I presented an exclusive 3 song acoustic session from
Sean O'Hagan's brilliant band who released their new album
Talahomi Way this month. This was one of the last sessions
broadcast from our Crownhill base as we will soon be moving
to a new home in the city in May so this was a great way
to bow out in style until we rise again in our new studios.
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April 30th : I played a DJ set at this event at MADCAP Theatre in Milton Keynes