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         20th : LADIES NIGHT ~ mix

           Oh yes it's ladies night and the feeling's right, oh yes it's ladies night,
          oh what a night, indeed! Kool and The Gang summed up tonights
            mix perfectly way back in 1979 but they will not be featuring in
           the mix coz as they sang, oh yes it's ladies night, and they are men.
               d t  6th : DJ LUV ~ mix
                      A great mix of grooves for you tonight courtesy of Montreal
                       based artist DJ Luv, this one he calls Listen, Can You Hear?
                      With some far out tunes from 13th Floor Elevators, Blue Magoos
                    and The Pretty Things we are all in for a super feast of 60's
                    psychedelic madness, I kept the vibe trippy too, man.
13th : GEORGE ~ 11 @ 7 mix

This evening I roped in my own child to do a mix for
the show! He is 7 years old and has already got taste
  with attitude and so rather than just do a Top 10 he had to go
  and do a Top 11 - tsk, typical... Still, I wish my own dad had
  dragged me into a studio to record me playing my favourite
records on the radio at that age, but he didn't and I did.
Listen to his mix HERE
  27th : THE SOUND OF THE SHIRES ~ in session

Tonight I welcomed Patrick Bailham who in an earlier
incarnation was a member of the band Wormwood
who once recorded an excellent session for The Garden.
His new band payed tribute in a 60's folk- pop stylee to the
majesty that was the great Stanley Unwin live on the show.
         16th : AMINIROLL ~ mix

           He rarely disappoints in fact it's probably safe to say
           he never disappoints, so imagine the pressure heaped
          on the young shoulders of tonight's mixer. With fine taste
            and an ear for a finger poppin' tune the mysterious music
              selector with a passion for cakes took to the airwaves from 10.
         Hear his mix here
    30th : MJ HIBBETT & THE VALIDATORS ~ in session

For his second Gardening Session Mark and band
recorded an extra special session in his bathroom!
Their new album Dinosaur Planet was released quite
recently and they performed four songs from it tonight
exclusively for us, so careful with that soap Eugene.
The full mix is available here
           d t  2nd : IAN THISTLETHWAITE ~ mix
                      Originally intended for broadcast last Friday night but due to
                    "technical difficulties beyond control" I rescheduled Ian's mix
                      for tonight. Just one week later and I found plenty more new
                       music to mix alongside his great selections including fresh tunes
                    from Belbury Poly and oFF Love together with plenty more.
               Ian's mix is available to hear here
9th : A LIVE MUSIC ~ mix

I'd been looking forward to this mix for ages as I got
the opportunity to play loads of hairy old rock tunes which
I wouldn't normally play on the show due to sheer common sense.
So tonight I totally lost it and dragged my old UFO, Zep & Skynyrd
vinyl out of the cellar and mixed 'em up with live music from today's
groovy new bands like Sleigh Bells and The Horrors.
Listen up
  23rd : GLOWPEOPLE ~ mix

Rising from the ashes like a phoenix, this new band
who feature ex-members of old Garden faves Neotopia
have already caused a stir before even releasing  anything.
Tonight they offered an exclusive showcase  of their own tunes
alongside their personal favourites and inspirations,
now available for you to hear here
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