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Gardening in April
           d t19th : ELECTRONICA ~ mix
                   Tonight the mix will be floaty ahh and gently ambient
                   to chill you out to leave you seeing stars, man. So expect
                   to hear new music by Mount Kimbie, Lapalux and
                  Broadcast, so make sure you are sitting comfortably,
               as I think you're gonna enjoy this trip: listen

12th : ANYTHING GOES ~ mix

Normally I would be so sorted that I would at least have
some idea about what I was going to play on the show, but
tonight I had NO IDEA. So I grabbed handfuls of discs off
my shelves at random and brought them into the studio and
played them with no regards to their genre, quality or groove.
You can now listen to the mix HERE

  5th : GARDENING ~ mix

I kicked off April with a mix of my own after the
mix which was originally planned fell through.
Unusual for me, but at the request of friends I
recorded the whole show and uploaded it for you
to hear again, I didn't get to play everything planned
but there are 2 whole hours for you to hear here.

  26th : MARVIN AYRES ~ mix

      Marvin is a composer, cellist, violinist and producer who has
recorded a diverse selection of minimalist albums, incorporating
spatial soundscapes. It's a great pleasure to bring you this exclusive
mix he's created for the show tonight and I look forward to playing
it out and mixing around it from ten til twelve.
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           d t15th : CLEO T ~ in session
                   Tonight's guests are the Folkwit recording artistes named after
                   their beautiful Parisian singer and autoharpist Cleo. Alongside
                  her cellist Valentin they will be performing four songs for us
                   including an exclusive cover version of a well known Disney tune.
              It is now available to hear or download

8th : OLI HEFFERNAN ~ mix

The Head Honcho aka Big Cheese aka the Main Man behind
Middlesborough's finest independent label Ack! Ack! Ack!
has raided his own personal archives especially for the show.
Mixing a truly eclectic selection from The Plastic Ono Band to
Broadcast and Shit & Shine, it all kicks off from 10pm.

  1st : AMINIROLL ~ mix

Originally scheduled for broadcast in February this
exclusive new mix by the mysterious Aminiroll will
hopefully press all the right buttons, if his tweets are to believed!
Now available to download : HERE

  22nd : PROG NIGHT ~ mix

      It was bound to happen eventually that my secret,
guilty pleasure would surface one night in The Garden.
  So lock up yer daughters, turn off the lights, drop the donkey
  and join me for 2 hours (oh God) of Hatfield & The North,
  Genesis, Camel, Gong, Caravan, Rush etc, Lord ELP us!
Now available for your listening pleasure : HERE

Their new album released earlier this month on Nerve Echo
is one of the cheekiest records released this or any year, ever!
It's a special treat to bring you this mix this evening
especially created by Manchester's own dynamic duo.
download available HERE