What happened in May

6th : HOP ON POP
13th : REIGNS
20th : BAILEY
27th : R-BENNIG
the great Chicago based band hop on over the ocean to Milton Keynes to pop off 4 exclusive session tracks. Listen out for their current album 'As Drawn By Ethan, Age 2'
beautiful, haunting session tracks from the unique group known simply as Reigns. Their fine album 'We Lowered A Microphone Into The Ground' was released earlier this year.
young Cambridge based singer-songwriter Bailey, performs new songs for tonights exclusive acoustic Garden session. Check his lovely new LP 'The Way That Things Are Done'
On May 26th I returned to London venue The Foundry
to play a 4 hour chill-out set with accompaniment from
guitar wizard extraordinaire Mr. Tariq Hussain.
The evening also featured CRMK star Mr. Pickles from
The Bucket. A splendid time was had by all and thanx
to you if you came to see us get down and mellow,
photos from the night are here or you can listen to
3 hours of the mix here.

the madness that is the R-Bennig label feature in this mix from the eclectic Welsh wizards, wot? no Charlotte Church?
What happened in June
a special mix recorded exclusively for the show by the French electronic poppers The Tara King Theory. Expect seamlessly blended luxurious and sublime tunes and more.
The Garden is invaded by those cheeky cartoon characters known affectionately as Gorillaz. I will be chewing the fat with Murdoc, Russel, Noodle and 2-D about their recent album Demon Days and no doubt some other krazee stuff
10th :
3rd : DIE STADT                  
a beautiful ambient mix which will showcase some of the unique and early work of electronics wizard, Asmus Tietchens alongside such luminaries as Z'ev & David Jackman, William Basinski, TAGC, and a host of others
tonight I'll be mixing up a potent brew of music from all things related to the mighty Animal Collective, including aural pleasures from Ariel Pink, Panda Bear and fiends
Head Gardener twiddles his knobs
His Master's Rabbit
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