what happened in June
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It's been a few months since his last mix but by crikey, he's back!
This time with a twist on the Dirty Harry and Pink Panther movies,
which to my ears sounds like a marriage made in heaven.
I hope you switched off the TV and got a ruum with Sir Marlon,
as he's a man who doesn't know his limitations, you lucky punk.
Download available HERE

11th : ARIEL PINK ~ mix

It was great to play out his session for the show a few years ago
when he last visited England and it's a treat to be able to bring you this
mix put together by Ariel and his Haunted Graffiti band. Featuring eclectic
sounds by Dirt Wizard and Aarow, to more familiar tracks by Devo and Prince.

18th : ZERO. T ~ mix

The latest Fabric mix for the show is provided by Zero T a rising
Irish Drum + Bass DJ well known for his remixes and DJ sets.
Since 2000 his production has been released on such major labels as CIA,
Signature and Liquid V and is mix features a divine tracklist that
incorporates the current innovators in the D+B scene.

25th : GRIMES ~ in session

Despite a lack of musical training Claire Boucher aka Grimes makes
unpretentious but compelling electronic sounds come together in a colourful
goth-pop-noise medley. Drawing from classical medieval chorale and synth-pop,
it is a pleasure to bring you this exclusive session from the Canada based artist.

CRMK radio - home of the hits
Welcome to my Garden
His Master's Rabbit

I kicked off May with a superb mix by Chicago based DJ Chrissy Murderbot
featuring the music of legendary producer and master mixer Giorgio Moroder.
From discovering Donna Summer to remixing Sparks he was the true pioneer of
the use of synthesizers in dance & pop music. He also scored many movies including
Scarface, Midnight Express, Top Gun, and not forgetting The Neverending Story.
Download his mix to hear the King of 1970s Eurodisco scene in all his glory!

14th : LUKE VIBERT ~ mix

My thanks to H.P. Sneakstep  AKA Michel Nicholas for this feast
of Luke Vibert in all his peculiar guises as Plug, Kerrier District, Wagon Christ,
Ace of Clubs and of course Spac Hand Luke, his mix touched base with all of them.
For nearly 20 years Luke has released music for several of the best labels from
Warp, Ninja Tune and Rephlex, to Planet-µ, Mo Wax and Rising High
so you were guaranteed to hear some of the finest Electronic music tonight.
Download his mix HERE
21st : ELECTRONICA ~ mix

This evening I mixed up my own selection of new Electronica from
LCD Soundsystem & Crystal Castles to Fuck Buttons and Flying Lotus.
There was the odd nod to groovers long gone like Meat Beat Manifesto
and only light static with some mild interference.


Tonight's exclusive mix came from Ray, better known as the second half
of Unmann-Wittering the semi-legendary composers and mixers of renown.
Francois De Roubaix was one of the greatest TV and film composers of all time
and this was a perfect opportunity to hear a lovingly selected mix of his work.
Download the mix in full HERE

what happened in May
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