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         22nd : PULCO ~ session

            It's always a pleasure to welcome Ash Cooke into
            The Garden and tonight was his 4th exclusive session
             for the show. His most recent album The Man Of Lists was
               released earlier this week featuring contributions from Snippet
               and Ian Thistlethwaite as well as Gwildor and he played
             at least half a dozen new tracks for us this evening.
           My mix from the show is available HERE

           d t  8th : La JOVENC ~ mix
                      Tonight I presented an exclusive mix from the Italian composer
                    and musician La Jovenc who has been making music since 1984
                   and specialises in freaky glitch and weirdy electronica. He has played
                   alongside artists like Murcof and was featured on the soundtrack
                     to the popular German film OTTO as well as scoring movies himself,
                   so you could expect something more than a little extra special and his
                   mix is now available to hear in full HERE
15th : FATHER JOHN MISTY ~ session

An exclusive 4 track session tonight from a chap otherwise known as
J. Tillman aka that bloke who used to be the drummer in Fleet Foxes.
His 8th solo album Fear Fun was my album of the month for March
and he very kindly performed songs from it for us this evening.
Hear my mix with his tracks HERE

  29th : NIGEYB ~ mix

A summertime special mix for you tonight courtesy
of the Brighton based music lover and brains behind the
most excellent World Of Joy blog. An audio visual magpie
like myself, he concocted a truly eclectic selection for
your listening pleasure and you'll can now hear it soon!
what happened in June
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         18th : TERRORDISCO ~ mix

           Terrordisco aka Sveinbjörn from Reykjavík in sunny
          Iceland put together an excellent mix for us tonight.
          Titled Shortwave he described it as "kinda conceptual,
           rooted in memories of playing around with shortwave radios
         when I was a kid". I hope you enjoyed this one but if you
          were out and missed it you can still download it here.

           d t  4th : AMINIROLL ~ mix
                      I kicked off the lovely month of May with a fresh mix from
                    one of The Garden's most prolific contributors. I've lost count
                     of the number of mixes he's created for the show but reckon
                     this was one of his best so far, judge for yourself and listen up.
11th : HEXSTATIC ~ mix

This is nothing more than a self indulgent opportunity
to play some my favourite old tunes by the Ninja Tune duo
who have not actually released a new album in over 5 years!
So, I mixed in some bits from their Exactshit mixes into a mash
of spoken word links and some tracks from their brilliant
Masterview album, and it's now available for you to hear here.

  25th : QUEEN ~ mix

OK look, I have to confess I've always had a bit of a
soft spot for Queen. Maybe it was because the third
album I ever bought was Sheer Heart Attack when I was 13 or
perhaps it's that they were the first band I saw live at Earls Court
in 1977 - whatever! I am still pretty fussy about what tunes of
theirs I still rate and you could hear those ones tonight as I 
digged deep into my archive to play you just the good stuff!
Bismillah download it now!
what happened in May
d                                                              t  1st : FUXA ~ mix
           What better way to start off June in The Garden than with a
             superb new mix from the modern masters of psychedelic space rock!
             They have released dozens of records over the years and their most
             recent Electric Sound of Summer was my top album for May.
             I complemented the mix with new tunes by the likes of D'eon
           and Alt-J amongst a few older tracks by Can and Kraftwerk.
          Listen to the mix in full HERE

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