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                 17th : DAVID THOMAS BROUGHTON ~ in session
                   On the occasion of his fourth live visit to Milton Keynes
                     I've managed to persuade David to wander up my Garden
                     path to record an exclusive session for the show. I am hoping
                    he will perform several new songs from his forthcoming album
                  and that you'll tune in from 10pm to find out if he has!
                   Listen again HERE

14th : JAVIER RYAN ~ in session

I have been looking forward to my exclusive session with
JR for some months now and have even kept some extra
special tunes to one side to play especially around his set!
I can assure you it'll have been worth the wait and you'll hear
some great new music from The Focus Group and Scout Niblett.

  7th : FACTORY ACTS ~ mix

They exist at the edge of the analogue-digital divide
and the Salford based post-punk dark-electro duo
have created an exclusive mix for The Garden tonight.
One half of FA is a lifelong Mark E. Smith fan so
that's a good excuse for me to complement their mix
with plenty of Fall records, hey it's grim down south!
Listen again HERE

  24th : ELEANOR FRIEDBERGER ~ in session

       Tonight is the fourth in my series of mixes to
feature exclusively female artists. In addition I also played
session tracks from Eleanor Friedberger of The Fiery Furnaces,
and you can listen or download the mix in full here
My previous 3 mixes are still available to hear >>  #I :: #2 :: #3
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listen to mixes
                 17th : SNIPPET ~ mix
                   It's been a couple of years since his last set for the show
                    and tonight he brings us a fresh and may I say it, a downright
                   cheeky mix which is up there with the very best of them.
                  Featuring tracks from Old Tramp and Walter Matthau Stance
                   and Carla Bley as well as a few of his own thrown in for good
                   measure his selections reveal another side to the world of Snippet.
                Listen again : HERE

10th : GEORGE PICKS ~ mix

Last month I pulled some random discs from the shelves
and the resulting mix turned out to be such fun I have
press-ganged my own child into doing the same thing!
He may be only 8 years old but he knows a nice sleeve
when he sees one - God knows what he'll pull out, so the
challenge for me will be to play them in some kind of order.
The full 2 hour show is now available to listen or download

  3rd : MAX COOPER ~ mix

I discovered the music of Max Cooper only very recently
and quite by accident via a remix he did for Hot Chip.
He has been making Electronic and Techno music since 2007
and tonight's set is a showcase of his own tunes along with
some of his favourites, including Bonobo and MMOTHS.

  24th : THE FUCK YOU SOUND ~ mix

      More filth for your Friday night pleasure, this time
     courtesy of the mixing collective with more aliases
       than any decent, right thinking individuals should have.
      They are of course available for children's parties, shop
     openings and anything for soup, so how kind of them to
      do an exclusive mix especially for you dear listener, free!
listen again HERE
  31st : MARTIN GORDON ~ in session

This evening I welcome the original Radio Star and solo
star in his own right, Martin Gordon into The Garden for
an exclusive session. All good record collections will have
music featuring his distinctive bass, from The Rolling Stones
to Sparks as well as over a dozen solo albums, he will
be performing a hits-peppered set from 10pm.
Listen again HERE

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