What happened in May 04
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The Advance of......The New Mutants... coming soon
30th : THE NEW MUTANTS session

Since their formation back in 1985 this fine Milton Keynes
based band have released just the one solitary album...
so it is with great pleasure and some relief that they are
about to drop their 2nd! Tonight they regaled us with FIVE
exclusive glimpses of their long awaited opus and I
complimented their folk-punk groove with fresh new music
and all this was totally live and improvised!

7th : SKALPEL mix

You would not be wrong in assuming this Polish
band were partial to a bit of Jazz, but what you
may not be aware of is their great taste in music
from LL Cool J to Brian Eno. Tonight they kicked off
my May schedule with a truly AWESOME mix which
also featured tracks from their own fine album out
now on Ninja Tune, this was not a night to go out!
Cutting it online : Skalpel

14th : CURSOR MINER mix

Highly regarded as a "twisted digipop funkmind extrordinaire"
twas' with great pleasure I was able to bring you an EXCLUSIVE
mix for The Garden from the head of Cursor Miner himself.
A new album 'Cursor Miner Plays God' is released on Lo Records
later this month and I previewed tracks on tonight's show.
His mix blended some of his own un-released tracks with pop
gems from XTC, Add N To (X) and erm.. Chas & Dave, but this
was a treat for your ears, nose and throat.
Get a headful of info here : Cursor Miner

21st : BILOCATION mix

Tonight I broadcast the premiere of the extraordinary recordings made
by musician/producer Steve Marshall. Featuring the sounds of a huge
echoing dome in India, 'The Wall of Death' and violent thunderstorms,
all mixed with his original music and recorded in 5.1 surround sound.
The forthcoming album can only be played on surround systems but Steve
made a special stereo mix exclusively for this evening's show:
adding 1950’s stereo test records, sci-fi sounds from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and some funky beats from a 70’s French library album, amongst
other audio pleasures.
Check the website : Bilocation and also listen to the mix HERE

 S   t   e   r   e   o   S   u   r   r   o   u   n   d    S   o   u   n   d
What happened in June  
11th : EARZUMBA mix

For this evening I broadcasted a very special and exclusive
mix, prepared especially for the show by Argentinian musician
and producer Christian Dergaradedian who is perhaps better
known as Earzumba. Blending an electronic palette of sounds
from his own bizarre music and FX alongside weird treats from
Tony Allen, Fifty Foot Hose and Dick Hyman, this mix was without
doubt one of the strangest I have ever played on the show, and
that’s saying something!
Visit Christian's site here : Earzumba

18th : SEMBLE session

Tonight I chillied out in the company of a fine new band,
who prepared themselves for their forthcoming Glastonbury
set by performing their own original songs live on the show.
Featuring a mixture of flute, cello, voice and guitars, this
was a very relaxing evening of folk 'n' roll with an electronic
twist. Their new album is due in September but you can visit
them online now Semble

25th : SUPERGRASS interview

It's been 10 years since this fine British band burst onto
the scene with their catchy and very poppy tunes, and so
they celebrated this fact by wandering up my Garden path
for a cozy chat with The Head Gardener.
Following the recent release of their excellent singles collection
titled 'Supergrass is 10' we rambled on about their many hits,
from the early songs like Caught By The Fuzz and Lenny to fresh
ones like Kiss Of Life and Bullet. It was a treat for top-pop-pickers
both old and new, also check out their great website : Supergrass

4th : BLOCKHEAD mix

Following the success of last month's Skalpel mix on the show,
it was with great pleasure that I was able to bring you another
fine Ninja Tune exclusive. Tonight we will were entertained by
a special mix from Hip Hop collective Blockhead.
Featuring a varied selection of tracks from their recent long
player, 'Music By Cavelight' - which was my Album Of The Month for March - alongside other great joints from Majesticons, Mr. Lif Aesop Rock and much more, I also be complemented their mix
with a personal choice of fresh new grooves.
Oi! Check 'em out online : Blockhead

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