What happened in December
5th : MAX de WARDENER mix

Max De Wardener is a talented multi-instrumentalist and composer
who has assembled a beautiful mix especially for the show, featuring
some of his own work alongside Moondog, Neil Young, Max Tundra and
The Greek Byzantine Choir! His own music is a lush blend of electronica
in which cloudchamber bowls rub shoulders with church organs to create
beautiful and emotive sounds. His recent album 'Where I Am Today'
on Accidental was one of my favourites earlier this year and you were
able to hear why from 10pm this very evening..
12th : JIM MUIR SLIDESHOW in session

Tonight I welcomed the Jim Muir Slideshow onto the show
for a special Gardening session. They performed 4 tunes
including an exclusive cover of a lovely Kate Bush song.
Their debut LP 'Through Industry To The Stars' is released
this month on Bowmans Capsule Records and tonight was
be your first opportunity to hear tracks from it.
Headphones at the ready? check his site here
19th : SUGARDRUM in session

Sugardrum are a duo of Nigel {guitar & rhodes}
and Nick {drums & percussion} who perform manic
and fragile acoustic songs. They are also part of the
musicians collective called Wupadupa which also
includes recent Garden session stars Semble.
Tonight they performed 4 songs for the show including
their recent single, the classic, 'New York, New York.
You can hear two tracks from their session: here
and remember to check their site out: here


Over the past few months I have realised that it isn't only
Hollywood which is hellbent on remakes as there seems to
be an awful lot of old songs being exhumed, for better or worse. Some of the more unusual cover versions and ones which I consider worth hearing were given an airing tonight.
From Schneider TM covering Queen to Bobby Conn covering
Nilsson there are some bizarre versions of your favourite
songs out there and tonight you just may have heard them, tho I didn't play Michael Jackson's cover of Baby Love.

it's music Jim, but not as we know it
tree lovers unite
he's not Max, but he is mad
What happened in November 04
he's not mad, but he is Max

On Saturday Dec 11th I broadcast an exclusive mix as part
of the Burning Decks Radio Show on London based station
Resonance FM. Mixed live from their studio in the heart of
the city it was available to hear online or via 104.4FM.
Check out the tracklisting here and for your own free copy
of the mix on a smart & shiny CD just drop me an e-mail.

Girl in a Jam... jar
meanwhile... on the show
3rd : PINEY GIR in session 

This was indeed no ordinary evening, kicking off
a short month of Garden shows in December.
The charming and unique Piney Gir has gone a little
further than most of my session stars by recording
her Gardening set in her own kitchen! Her excellent
Trunk album 'Peakahokahoo' released in the summer
is touched with a sly sense of fun and her cheeky
humour shined through this especially recorded set.

10th : TOUCH:TYPE mix

For the third in a continuing series of ambient mixes,
Si Comm showcased the releases from two of the finest
UK labels specialising in electronic and digital composition, and minimalism. Touch Records are home to the work of Biosphere and Ryoji Ikeda and other pioneers creating new
waves and genres in the murky underworld of contemporary
music. Type Records are new to the electronic/digital ambient
scene but both labels complement each other beautifully,
and this exclusive mix went down sweet with the listener.
Here are 10 of my personal favourite albums posted on
the Type Records website.

17th : THE BOATS mix

This evening's show was a real treat as I managed
to secure a superb mix from fine Moteer recording
artistes The Boats. Their recent album 'Songs By
The Sea' was one of my favourites of 04 and I was
very pleased to be able to bring you this exclusive
mix, for I am sure you will be as smitten by their
beautiful music as I have been. Along with tracks
from their yet-to-be-released second LP and
favourites like Nick Drake, Sun Ra and Max Richter 
this was a great early Christmas present.
Read a review of The Boats album here

what er mix
Head Gardener on the Burning Decks

there was no Gardening on Xmas eve or on
NY eve, I deserve a break sometimes y'know...
His Master's Rabbit