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4th : MAGDA ~ mix

The latest Fabric mix for the show was provided by Magda
a minimal techno DJ well known for her remixes & DJ sets.
Born in Poland and raised in America, she has released
several records on Richie Hawtin's excellent M_nus label.
Her mix tonight featured several unreleased tunes by Ronnie Tyler,
Christian Burkhardt and some of her own new music.


Tonight's mix was titled 'It Ain't Half Apocalypse Now' concocted
by Sir Marlon Donmarathon perhaps better known as Mark Wilson.
Combining elements of Coppola's movie and Estelle's TV show
may seem the stuff of utter madness, but this way great tunes
doth lie in sweet harmony with rather clever editing skills.
Of course with an 18 certificate warning this mix was not
for everyone but for the rest of us it did just fine.

18th : MUSIC FROM THE FILM ~ mix

They probably should not exist, but thankfully they do
and tonight they took over The Garden with aplomb and
for that we should all be grateful. This exclusive mix
featured a lot of records by various artists no-one has ever
heard of and beamed out over the airwaves thanks to Gary Young,
that's him on the banjo. It was crazed, it was trippy and it was
all rather bloody marvellous.


No show tonight sorry, I was most probably be getting a bit pissed...

    what happened in November

Held over from last month as we were off air for 3 weeks, this
excellent selection came from the Portugal based musician Jorge Mantas
who describes his sound as "romantic drone music for modern loners".
His Erotikon disc was my album of the month for August and his tunes
tonight featured a track from it alongside music by The Sad Cheerleader.

13th : QUANTEC ~ mix

I devoted a good hour of the show this evening to
the music of Sven Schienhammer, better known as Quantec.
He released a great mix disc titled 'Caja Y Guacharacha'
of Columbian Cumbia & Porro music which you will be able to
hear mixed alongside several of my favourite tracks from his
huge back catalogue of ambient and experimental Electronica.
My own mix from the night is available to download HERE


20th : FIELDHEAD ~ mix

Tonight I presented another exclusive mix for the show,
this time from Home Assembly recording artist Fieldhead.
His debut release 'They Shook Hands for Hours' came out
earlier this month and his mix featured several tracks from
it along with many of his favourite tunes and influences.

27th : SUSAN MATTHEWS ~ mix

Exploding computers etc, but I finally brought you this Garden
exclusive created especially by Susan Matthews. Regular listeners
may recall the mix I recorded in 2008 of her beautiful electronic
music which is still available to download here. I kept the music
chilled tonight so I hope you curled up & listened with a warm friend.

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