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3rd : TEEBS ~ mix

I have been digging his groove since the beginning of 2010
and his debut Ardour is one of my favourites albums of the year.
So it is with great pleasure I was able to bring you this lovely
mix by the chap himself. Featuring a selection of tunes from
Boards of Canada remixes to stuff by his labelmate Flying Lotus
this was forty minutes of quite delicious and very wonky brainfood.
10th : BLACK SWAN LANE ~ in session

Tonights guests in The Garden are a US/UK indie-rock project
featuring Mark Burgess formerly of beloved 80's band The Chameleons.
BSL formed in 2007 and their 3rd album Things You Know And Love
was released last July. As well as being official sponsors of non-league
football club Didcot Town they took half-time out to wander up
The Garden path from 10pm and play us some of their acoustic songs.
Listen to their full session mix here : download
17th : LOUISE LE MAY ~ in session

I finished the year with this exclusive session from London
based singer/songwriter Louise Le May. Her debut album
of 2009 Tell Me One Thing That Is New was only a
tantalising glimpse of her beautiful voice but with the
release of a fresh record in the spring you were able
to hear a special preview of her new songs this evening.
You can now DOWNLOAD the whole mix

24th / 31st : CHRISTMAS / NEW YEAR ~ holiday

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the kind
and generous artists for their sessions and mixes in 2010 and
also for your continued support by listening to the show.
2011 is make or break for our radio station and may even
mean the end of The Garden on CRMK if things do not go as we hope.
It will be the show's 20th anniversary this coming year too, but I will
return and I hope you'll join my Gardening Family once again.

Cheers! x HG

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5th : RAY WITTERING ~ Bat Flap mix

Bonfire night is the perfect night for this great mix recorded
especially for you by the darker half of Unmann-Wittering.
A deep mix featuring soundtracks and dialogue from various horror
movies including Phantasm and Vampyres, I kept a similar creepy
vibe throughout the evening with my own choices,
click DOWNLOAD to hear Ray's mix.
12th : M.J. HIBBETT ~ in session

Formed in 1999 and 9 albums old this is not the 9th session
by Mark and his band but only his 1st, hopefully the first
of many if this one is anything to go by. Wildly prolific and
certainly a man who can hold his drink, I mixed a load of tunes
around his tracks and the mix is now available to download.

They were currently on tour with Foals and released their debut
album Star Of Love last month and recorded a mix especially
for you in this one. I played some exclusive re-mixes of their tunes
around a mix of my own, which featured a load of new tunes
I illegally downloaded beforehand.

26th : PAUL ELDRIDGE ~ in session

Another exclusive for the show tonight as I presented
a session by Yorkshire born pianist Paul Eldridge.
The artwork for his new album Looking Out Backwards
was painted by the fine Scottish artist Lesley Banks
and his tunes this evening were just as beautiful.
Listen to the mix HERE