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you may also enjoy these audio-visual Gardening pleasures
                                       16th : JUDE COWAN ~ session

                 This evening proved to be a real lo-fi treat as I secured
                an exclusive session with songwriter, poet and historian
                     Jude Cowan, who performed several tunes for us.
                      I digged into my audio archives to come up with
                 some suitable tunes to mix around her beautiful songs
                   and so it was probably best to expect the unexpected.
                                       listen or download the full mix
    23rd : AMINIROLL ~ Christmas mix

A double treat for you tonight as one of my favourite
mixers, the semi-legendary Aminiroll sorted a present
for our ears which was to be just what we had all wanted!
There were no tears beneath the tree as I celebrated with a
small sherry and a few of my own seasonal offerings too.
download his Mixletoe & Grime mix
Click here to add t  2nd : MELVIN PICKLES ~ Dub mix
                      He is the master of the decks who had something extra
                     special in store for us tonight (at least that what he told me!)
                       Mr. Pickles can be sometimes be found at the Big Chill Bar
                   in London and at other times on the airwaves of Purple Radio
                     but tonight he was be sitting in a comfy chair in my studio
                    chewin' a tasty Dub plate, alrite mate!.
                   download available now
9th : PUMAJAW ~ mix

This fine Scottish duo who were previous Gardening session
stars in 2008 released their new album Demonm Eowmeow
recently and I presented an exclusive mix  recorded especially
for the show tonight. Featuring music from Fever Ray, Magazine
and Sarah Vaughn as well as their own tunes all live from 10pm.
the download is available : here

what happened in November

                                              18th : FOGGY TRIP ~ mix

                       I secured a great scoop for you tonight, an exclusive
                   mix by the chaps behing The Foggy Trip a new weekly
                      club night held in Northampton. They specialize in
                 Fuzz, Soul, Psych & Funk and this was an ideal night to
              stay company with me to mess with your head for 2 hours.
                                                  listen or download
    25th : TOTALLY WEIRD ~ Bipolar Icecap mix

Shoegazing is not a genre I am over familiar with, so it was
enlightening to me at least, to hear this mix put together
especially for the show by the curator of the Jangle blog.
Bands featured included Warlocks, Amusement Parks On Fire,
Clear Horizon, oh and did you remember to look down?
download it all HERE
Click here to add t  4th : RAZ RAZZLE ~ mix
                      This evening I presented a fresh mix created by the prolific
                           beatmeister from Basingstoke who's new album Bohemian Groove
                        was released this month. He is no stranger to the show as this
                         was his 3rd mix for The Garden, his last one was in January
                        of this year and is still available to download His latest mix
                           is also now available for your listening pleasure here 
11th : UNDER THE COVERS ~ mix

  I mixed up a selection of fairly mellow cover versions
tonight as I had been secretly squirrelling away some
real treats especially for this special mix. From songs
by Donovan, The Carpenters and Steely Dan to Prince
and Elvis Presley, I hope you'll dig this chill mix.
listen or download

    30th : BEST OF 2011 ~ mix

This was my good old end of December, wow wasn't there a
lot of great music again this year mix of things I have digged
over the last 12 months kinda show. My Top 20 albums of 2011
might not be the ones you would have chosen and you'd probably
be disappointed if they were! But I will have played tracks off these
ones anyway and hopefully you were not disappointed if you'd not
heard them before. Roll on 2012 it's gonna be bloomin' marvellous!
download my all things 2011 mix : here