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what happened in November
        23rd : HWYL NOFIO ~ mix

    Steve Parry is the free improvisational spirit behind the Welsh
     experimental band Hwyl Nofio and he has recorded a special mix
    for us which will feature several tracks from their latest LP entitled Dark.
    It's been 10 years since I first played the band's music on the show and
      I'm pleased to be able to bring you this exclusive and beautiful mix tonight.

           d t2nd : IDIOT SAVANT ~ mix
                  Tonight's guest mixer from the Netherlands is very prolific and
                  has an incredible array of mixes available on his Mixcloud page.
                  He has concocted an exclusive mix for us which goes from heavy dub
                 to the lightest touches of jazz funk from Bob Marley to Terry Callier.
                He calls it The Rainbow mix and it's live this evening from 10pm

9th : JAPANESE ROCK ~ mix

This may well be uneasy listening for some tonight as my mix
will be a Jap-Rock sampler if you will, indeed it's basically an all out
assault of lo-fi progressive-garage-rock. I will be spinning things from
Melt Banana to Magical Power Mako as well as Datetenryu (pictured)
who have been described by Julian Cope as "a frantic hogwash of soul-based
progressive space rock that inhabited the same territory as The Soft Machine," !

  16th : DJ WILSON ~ mix

Longtime listeners to the show will have fond memories
of Mark's previous mixes for the show, indeed they are always
smart, funky, funny and just rather bloody good! So after a 2 year
absence he is back with a fantastic new mix which promises to bring
a smile to your face on what will no doubt be a chilly November evening.

                                                      30th : GARY NUMAN ~ mix

      He has been known to get the occasional airing on the show
        but tonight there will be a whole hour of Gary's music for you.
       I have brought in an expert on his work to create an overview mix
      which will be unlikely to feature Are Friends Electric? as this promises
      to be all the good stuff you might never have heard before!
You can now listen to the whole show here
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what happened in December
        28th : S'MORE OF THE BEST ~ mix

    For the last show of the year it's gonna be a DJ Clash between
Aminiroll and myself to THE DEATH. Well kinda, he's gonna
play a mix of some of his favourite tunes of 2012 and I will play
the Festive 30 leftovers and then we'll have a nice cup of tea
and a mince pie and that'll be it, no-one will really die, honest.

           d t7th : ENO ~ night
                  Tonight I shall be devoting an entire show to the music of Brian Eno.
                 I'll be spinning tracks from his solo albums, the songs, instrumentals,
                  remixes, duets, productions and all fine things from Roxy through to Lux.
              An hour is simply not enough, so I will fill two hours quite easily, all live!
            It is now available to hear here

14th : YOUNG TOBACCO ~ mix

Young Tobacco is a singles archive operated out of a bungalow
somewhere in rural Indiana, USA featuring artists such as White Oak,
JC Autobody and Jonathon Christmas (pictured). This evenings
musical entertainment will feature an hour long mix especially
put together by Jonathan himself for you, dear listener.
Now available to hear HERE

  21st : FESTIVE 30 ~ mix

Well that time of year has rolled round yet again so it's probably
best I play a load of the tunes I have enjoyed throughout this year.
For a change I shall be doing a countdown from 30 of album tracks,
singles and various illegal downloads that I have hoovered up in 2012.
From Grimes to Cate Le Bon who knows or even cares what will be #1?!
well you can now find out for yourself HERE