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6th : OLI HEFFERNAN ~ mix

For the first show of the month I'll be broadcasting
the second mix of the year by the man who mends
guitars, runs a record shop and a Beatnik clothing line!
He also mixes a fine selection of tunes and you can hear
them all here from 10pm tonight.
Listen again to the whole show HERE

  20th : CHRISTMAS SPECIAL ~ mix

At the moment I have no idea of what I shall be playing
out tonight, but it will most likely involve a few drinks,
various semi-legal substances and at least two mince pies.
All this mischief along with topical tunes, several of which may
have a bit of swearing in them, but hey it's nearly Christmas and
I am most likely going to be three sheets to the wind anyway!
Unfortunately the recording thing in the studio was broken
so no recordings of this epic mess exist, sorry...

27th: END OF THE YEAR ~ mix

With the end of days, well 2014 nearly upon us, it came
to pass that I should mix up pt. 1 of a selection of my fave
tunes from the past 12 months. It has been another vintage
year for great music and there's more to follow with pt. 2 to be
broadcast next week, so Happy New Year to you, dear listener.

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13th : CATE vs. KIM ~ mix

In a twist to my usual all female artist mixes I will
devote at least an hour tonight to two of my favourite ones.
Up above is Welsh singer/songwriter extraordinaire Cate LeBon
and down below the lady bassist with the best voice, Ms. Kim Deal.
You will hear session tracks, demos, b-sides, greatest hits and more.
Listen to the mix HERE

coz I hardly ever go to Myspace anymore
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what happened in December

OK so it's a day late, well shoot me, or skewer me
or indeed chop my head off and stick it in a bucket just
as long as you tune in from 10pm for the show which
will prove there are no flies on me, oh no, hang on...
You can now listen again HERE
   15th : COACH MOTEL ~ mix

I'm looking forward to bringing you this special mix from
a Polish DJ collective who delve deep into the darkest corners of
Youtube and Bandcamp to stir up up some truly unusual mixes.
Expect a weirdy mash of hip-hop, experimental rap and electronica
  Listen again HERE

22nd : AMINIROLL ~ mix

It's been a few months since his mix for the show
and his fresh one is suitably far out and freaky enough
to do your head in. There shall be lobster on white label test
pressing action sometime between 10pm and midnight.
Listen again HERE

what happened in November
                                         29th : EASY NOW ~ mix

Tonight I will kick back and relax with easy tunes
both old and new as Dean Martin rubs shoulders with
Alexander Von Mehren and Chet Baker nestles up to
The Free Design. So just chill man and plump those
velvet cushions and keep your pipe well stoked,
you know it will make no sense.
Listen again HERE
8th : KEITH SEATMAN ~ mix

For his latest mix to be broadcast first and exclusively here
in The Garden, Keith has picked out some choice tunes by
various Johns including messrs Carpenter, Barry and Foxx,
along with old TV music and other spooky electronic delights.
This will be his Test Transmission Archive Reel 15 mix.
Now available to hear HERE
                                        30th : LIVE EVENT

Tonight there will be live mixing with some of the finest
DJ talent (and me) at The Lamplighter pub in Northampton.
Come along and throw fruit or give me a big hug or just a pint
will do sometime after 4pm, oh and it's totally free to get in too.