THE CLASH : 'Complete Control' ~ CBS '77

This is my one of my favourite ever singles and is probably
the finest 3 minutes 10 seconds The Clash ever commited
to vinyl. The simple but stunning sleeve is genius in itself
and I am proud that this copy of the record is an original
promo only edition too.

XTC : 'Science Friction' ~ Virgin '77

The first, brilliant single by XTC is also one of the rarest
punk singles in the world. Not actually on their debut LP
'White Music' it was released as a 12" single only and
it's a mystery why the 7" was withdrawn. The twelve
inch is relatively easy to track down but its this pesky
seven which has eluded collectors over the years as
XTC's fan base continues to grow, and no it's not for sale!

PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED : 'Public Image' ~ Virgin '78

I guess some punk purists may complain that PIL were not a
true Punk band, but that is bollocks! Rising from the ashes of
the Sex Pistols , their first single was a riotous statement of
{bad} intent.Coming into the world wrapped inside a newspaper
with a glorious b-side that was part genius & part taking the piss,
it was a defining record that still holds it's menace to this day.

SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES : 'Hong Kong Garden' ~ Polydor '78

Originally housed in this lavish gatefold sleeve, their first single
was late in the day as punk singles go, coming out as it did in the
summer of '78. But was still a totally unique sonic blast, which
along with their debut album, the bleak but brooding masterpiece
'The Scream', theysounded as cool as they looked.

THE DAMNED : 'Stretcher Case Baby' ~ Stiff '77

A rare gig freebie which was released in April 1977 and
given away on 3 dates at the Marquee Club in London.
Only 5,000 were pressed and it comes in a suitably goth sleeve which also features excellent live {as opposed to dead } photos of the band on the reverse.

TV PERSONALITIES : 'Where's Bill Grundy Now?' 
Kings Road Records '78

Ok so it aint the most exciting of sleeves but it deserves
to be included for a few reasons. The simple photo-copied
cover is true to the punk spirit, as are the 4 songs within
which includes the classic 'Part-Time Punks' and they all
sound like they were recorded in their bedroom, for a few
shillings, which they no doubt were.
A later single claimed 'I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives'
but we always knew that he lived in Cambridge anyway,
so go figure.

THE STRANGLERS : '(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)'
United Artists '77

The Stranglers have been accused of many things in
their time, not least their need for so many brackets!
Yet even if they do all look like potential muggers on
the sleeve of their debut single they did have a load
of great tunes to back up the menace.
I like this single for it's downright nastiness and tho
they may have upset a few folks with their r-attitude
at the time, at least they had the balls to translate
that aggression into some great music.


OK, so I am a bit of an old punk, but I am not gonna
spit on you, well not from here. Anyway I would like
to share with you some of my personal fave 7" singles
from those halcyon years of 77/78. It's not a history lesson, I decided not to go down that blind alley but
if your into punk or just curious you will hopefully see
something of interest, alternatively you can just
f*** off!! !!

                             also available

white music
THE DAMNED : 'Neat Neat Neat' ~ Stiff '77

The first of 2 singles by The Damned on this page
and this one is chosen for it's sheer brilliance as a single, both in song and sleeve. It was their second
release for Stiff and OK, their first one, 'New Rose'
is great in it's own right but I actually bought this
copy of NNN in London on the day it came out so it
has a softer spot in my heart.

THE REZILLOS : 'I Can't Stand My Baby' ~ Sensible '77

The finest Scottish punk band released their first single
at the summer of '77. They were to achieve chart success
the following year with 'Top Of The Pops' but this two and
a half minute rocker was my favourite single of theirs.
Like The Damned, they covered Beatles songs at 100mph
on their b-sides and when they reformed recently they still
sounded terrific!

SEX PISTOLS : 'Pretty Vacant' ~ Virgin '77

Of course I couldn't have a punk gallery without the
undisputed masters. Jamie Reid was the artist behind their artwork and this is just one classic example.
It also ranks as my all time favourite punk single not
only for the mighty Stooges cover on the flip or the
iconic negative bus images on the rear of the sleeve
below, but because this single simply IS punk rock!

can't think of a damned thing to say about this pic
this public image belongs to meeeeee!!!!
hens teeth are easier to find
Complete Control, even over this site!
Neat Neat Neat Indeed
egg fried rice
is the soup the Cream Of Sum Yunguy?
lemon chicken
Rezillos are GO !
flash, bang wallop, what a picture!
Buddy you gotta problem?
lalalala lala
would you buy a used car from these men?
in a row

Gawd bless er'
His Master's Rabbit
don't crash here
hey, its a demo, not a white riot!
and you thought it came out in March...