what happened in September
it was my great pleasure to be able to bring you this exclusive mix from the Japanese producer, DJ and visual artist. His choice of music for this mix featured a super-funky blend of house and jazz and is truly sublime
B+T otherwise known as Jim Perkins and Simon Nunn have craftily blended a special mix of WeiRd Folk and freaky Jazz for this show.Their own music featured throughout the mix alongside tunes from Comets On Fire and Animal Collective with some cool Jazz from Miles Davis and classical interludes from fine French composer Olivier Messaien
a beautiful mix from the innovative mainman with Tarwater & To Rococo Rot. His current work with Barbara Morgenstern has been played a lot in recent months in The Garden and on this show he entertained us with a selection of his own tastes including music from Funkstorung, Tortoise and Kreidler as well as previously unheard gems
as a prolific producer, remixer and multi-instrumentalist, James Hardway aka Technova is an unsung hero in the electronic underground. His exclusive mix for the show proved his dexterity and ease at mixing experimental electronica, jazz, drum 'n' bass to dub, hip-hop and dance
in celebration of all things Germanic and groovy, I mixed up a selection of my favourite Krautrock tracks by everyone from Amon Düül, Can, Kraftwerk and the mighty Faust and onwards to infinity and b  e  y  o  n  d... I also played a special Krautrockmix originally broadcast some years ago on the show by Leaf label boss Tony Morley, das ist gut ja?
what happened in October
7th : SUTEKH
14th : WHITE LINE 10
For his latest, stripped down & minimalist mix, regular Garden contributor Si_Comm kept the grooves gentle and smooth and impossible to dance to, but of course
 Canadian Press comments: "the lost love bastard of KD Lang and Tom Waits" - that may be an accurate enough description of my guest on tonight's show. As the frontman with the band Veal he has built up a strong following far beyond his home city of Winnipeg. He was on tour supporting his new album Broken {And Other Rogue States} you were advised to tune in to check his unique talent
28th : HALLOWEEN 05
this excellent San Francisco based artist releases an album of his collected remixes this month and to celebrate the release of 'Born Again' on Leaf Records, he offered Garden listeners the chance to hear a selection of his favourite tunes, mixed in his own inimitable style. He played music from AMM, Bill Wells to The Swingle Singers as well as some of his own new previously unreleased music
The Head Gardener was to be found spinning his favourite new music LIVE downstairs at The Firefly, Leicester from 3pm til late in the evening. There were several fine acts on stage including Misterlee, Thomas Truax, Curtis Eller as well as the mighty Chemistry Experiment. Click pic for more pix
Lydon gets arsey in RC

The November 05 issue of Record Collector
magazine had a great article on the show
& The Garden site on page 90, click cover
at this time of year I am forced to prise open the coffin lid and exhume a grisly selection of music guaranteed to send shivers down your spine and turn your hair white! I did indeed mix up samples from my favourite horror films over a gruesome selection of creepy tunes, nasty but nice
His Master's Rabbit
His Master's Rabbit
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