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2nd : FEVER RAY ~ live

This was a real scoop for the show, an exclusive live set
from Fever Ray featuring Karin Dreijer Andersson of The Knife
I absolutely love their album which came out earlier this year,
and you can hear the full mix here >>> download <<<

Filthy Dukes

9th : RADIO SLAVE  vs. FILTHY DUKES ~ 2 mixes

Ladies and Gentlemen, it was a mix-off courtesy of Fabriclive.
In your left corner with his trusty trolley, Radio Slave was
slugging it out with a selection of meaty Cabin Fever tunes,
while on your right the Filthy Dukes put 'em up with a selection
that proved they were no dummies. Oh, and in the end Filthy Dukes
won by a knockout!


postponed due to the station being off air ~ it will be broadcast in November
fingers x

23rd : SUSAN MATTHEWS ~ mix

Another victim of the station being off air
tonight, Susan's mix will be broadcast in November.

4th : TODDLA T ~ mix

Continuing a great series of Fabric mixes for the show,
this week it was the turn of Sheffield's own Toddla T.
He recently hit the festival circuit with a show at
Bestival but he took time out to record this mix
especially for you this evening, how bloody nice of him.

11th : HEALER/MONSTER ~ in session

An exclusive live session from the London based trio.
They performed 4 songs for you this evening and although
they're unsigned are setting up their own independent label
Sugar Tiger Records. With strong, catchy tunes, witty lyrics
and good vibes free flowing through their sound, you can download
their session mix here or watch them in the studio on Youtube here.

18th : Dr.WHO ~ mix

Held over from last month I finally got to present this great
mix from Ray Wittering who is one half of funky folk and film
sampling duo Unmann-Wittering. His mix took us on a mini-magical
history tour of the incredible music created for Doctor Who by the
BBC Radiophonic Workshop between 1963-1974 which are undoubtably
it's golden years. It featured amazing music and cosmic sounds from
Delia Derbyshire, Brian Hodgson, John Baker and several others.
Download the full mix here

25th : HORSE GUARDS PARADE ~ in session

Tonight I welcomed a band all the way from Hull, who wandered,
(but actually cantered up) The Garden path for an exclusive acoustic
session. Their lead singer/guitarist James (right) had been into
our studio earlier this year when he played with Marble Valley who
recorded a session in April, it was the turn of his own band this time.
Download their mix here

yeah, yeah, exterminate!!!! etc etc...
Skanky Skanky!
Healer to the left  - Monster to the right
what happened in September...
30th : JAMES RUTLEDGE : mix

This wired chap has cropped up on the show in many different
guises over the years, from remixing Fever Ray & The Kills to
his own solo work and most recently as half of Vowels.
His exclusive mix for The Garden tonight was testament to his
eclectic style and tastes and was one of the best mixes I have
played out on the show for some time, oh and it was Hallowe'en
so there was some cheeky devil worshipping mixy nonsense n'all.

Karin Dreijer Andersson
Susan Matthews
Jorge Mantas
James Rutledge
what happened in October...