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Click here to add text.               30th : THE SECRET SCREENS ~ mix

The music of The Secret Screens is a collision of Breakbeat, Britcore Rap,
Punk, Acid House and other genres with Capital Letters! They are a
collective featuring  several of Milton Keynes up and coming artists
including members of The Criminal Minds and Dirty Rhythm Syndicate.
The mix tonight was a showcase of the talented production team
involved in The Secret Screens project who have recently released 2 CDs.
Download available HERE

                                         16th : RUDE MECHANICALS ~ session

       Exclusive semi-acoustic session with the London based band
       who have been described as "unhinged theatrical post-punk"
       which is pretty spot on. You could have tuned in tonight to
     discover their unique sound for yourself, but fear not...
    I recorded it! Listen HERE

   23rd : GAGARIN ~ live mix

A great live and exclusive set from the band who incorporate
noise, melody, rhythm, freedom and improvisation into their
moody and melodic electronica. I complimented their set
with new music from Plaid and Raffertie and more.
Mix available HERE
Click here to add text.                        2nd : AMINIROLL ~ mix
                           I kicked of the new month - gently, and probably in slippers
                           with a lovely and very eclectic mix put together by a chap
                              who goes under the mysterious pseudonym Aminiroll.
                            His mix featured delights from the likes of Flaming Lips,
                                          Panda Bear, Dungen and Julie Andrews.
                                    Now available for your listening pleasure HERE
9th : PSYCH + FUNK + ELECTRO ~ mix

  This was a night where I digged deep into my cellar
full of noise to pull up some rare and rarely heard Funk,
Soul and Electro tunes, along with a few you probably knew.
I played a live hour long set in Milton Keynes last month and
it seemed to tap a few toes, so I thought I'd do it live on air too.
You can hear and download HERE

                                                  21st : LARK WOOL ~ mix

       Jones Baag aka Lark Wool describes his own music as being
       atmospheric, whimsical, restrained, intense, druggy and quirky,
       which probably doesn't do it justice as it is all these and more!
      A head-spinning collision of sounds and samples available
   for you to download now at the click of a mouse >> here

    28th : LEE 'SCRATCH' PERRY ~ Dub mix

An evening of dub 'n' stuff with a great mix for
you from Lee 'Scratch' Perry. I mixed my way around
it with new music from Bvdub and Dub Salon as well
as the mighty Little Axe, the madness ran from 10 til 12!
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Click here to add t  7th : PAY IT ALL BACK ~ mix
                           Tonight I payed tribute to the series of classic compilation
                        albums released by On-U Sound Records from 1984 on-u wards.
                       From volume #1 through to #6 as well as exclusive remixes,
                        a feast of Dubby delights on offer tonight was food for your ears.
                                                                        listen or download
14th : MARIA SLOVAKOVA ~ session

  This evening I presented a special session with the unique and
talented painter/poet Maria Slovakova alongside Dean Firth
on electronics. Her album Speaking Of Words was released in
September (on her birthday) and you can hear a live performance
of five tracks from it exclusively for the show, available now to
listen or download

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