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        28th : GORKY'S ZYGOTIC MYNCI ~ mix

          It's true to say that I had pretty much looked forward to a Gardening
        session with the ex-Gorky's Zygotic Mynci man since I started the show
          in the early 90's. I was a loyal fan of the band throughout their career,
          so as you can imagine I was pretty chuffed to think I could have brought
          you an exclusive session with ex frontman Euros Childs for the show,
          but for various reasons it never happened, but... I did mix up and record
        a selection of my favourite Gorky's tunes! Now available to hear here.

           d t7th : HAROLD NONO ~ mix
                  The mysterious Mr. Nono has recorded several mixes for the
                   show over the years and even I have lost count exactly how many.
                 His label Bearsuit have just released a compilation album featuring
                 some of his new music which found it's way into his mix, but you have
                to expect the unexpected as Harolds' tastes are very eclectic indeed!
              Now available to hear : HERE

14th : DAVID BOWIE ~ mix

I recall doing a Bowie mix on the show about 10 years ago but as
I can't find any recording and everyones probably forgotten all about
it by now, I guess it's about time that I just went and did another one.
I mixed up classic album tracks with the odd demo and b-side, remixes,
unreleased stuff and anything else I could dig out of my collection,
which for some sad reason has 5 different versions of Hunky Dory!?
Now available to hear : here

  21st : BASSO ~ mix

DJ Basso broadcasts via the mighty Deep Frequency radio network
and it was a pleasure to be able to bring you one of his excellent mixes.
Titled The Joy Of Roasting Apples Over a Campfire and featuring selections
from Dennis Leather and Games Of The Cloud, you can be sure that you
will hear new music that will mess with your mind and delight your ears.
Now available to hear : here
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        26th : JAZZ MAG NUMB 5 ~ mix

       The 5th in my series of cheeky mixes
         is now available to upset close relatives

           d t5th : LIBRARY MUSIC ~ mix
           From the sound of muzak to some of the most abstract and adventurous
            background music ever committed to vinyl this genre can be a bit of a minefield.
              So for tonight I will be playing it fairly safe with accessible selections from my
              own, erm, library of Library records along with plenty of gems I have discovered
           on my online travels by labels from DeWolfe and KPM to the mighty Trunk.
12th : AMINIROLL ~ mix

For his umpteenth mix for the show the mysterious mixer
known as Aminiroll will be pulling out all the stops for what
he assures me will be "the greatest mix I have ever done, ever".
On what will no doubt be another rainy night here in Milton Keynes
I hope you'll join me and him (I assume it's a him but who knows)
for what promises to be a very special night in The Garden indeed!
It is now available for your listening pleasure : HERE

  19th : VERSION SOUND ~ mix

Version Sound aka Steve Kusek can rightly claim to be Washington DC’s
Dub Specialist and tonight he has mixed up an exclusive selection for our
listening pleasure. His mixes bring together the classic hardcore/punk rock
aesthetic of the 70s & 80s with the stripped-down drum & bass sound of
the original Dub masters. I shall also be playing some of my own dubby
delights around his mix so it promises to be a very dubby night indeed!
Available to download : HERE

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