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The Wall
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The Head Gardener's STUFF

For this section of the site I have posted up
some of the memorabilia/crap I seem to have
accumulated over the years: from gig tickets
to posters, progs and anything else I can find
lying around in the shed which I think may be
of interest to you. On this page I have picked
out some of the gig tickets and pics which either
hold fond memories or will otherwise probably
never see the light of day anywhere else so,
I hope you dig my stuff!

ooh look you can see John Deacon from here!
QUEEN : Earls Court ~ June 1977

OK, so it was my first gig and I am not ashamed!
My memories are not too hazy, considering it was
way back in my early teens. I do remember being
impressed by the size of the hall and I had quite a
good view. My abiding memory tho' is of my Dad
taking me and my friend Ilya to our seats, saying
"I will be back soon", and he didn't return for the
rest of the entire gig! Some may say he was a
very wise man, however we eventually tracked
him down at the bar where he confessed he thought
"they were rubbish and too bloody loud".
All these years later maybe he was right all along...

this was a bit dog-eared
TALKING HEADS : Hammersmith Odeon ~ 1980

This was such an incredible night, especially as I had been
looking forward to seeing them since '77 and had missed
their first UK Tour, when they were supported by Dire Straits.
This time around the support band were equally bad,
as it was Irish rockers U2 plugging the 'Boy' album. I seem
to recall them playing 'I Will Follow' 3 TIMES!!! or maybe they
just all sounded the same, earnest and simply very annoying.
The mighty Heads however were on fire that night, with a show
almost a ringer for the 'Stop Making Sense' set in its entirety.
David Byrne with his acoustic guitar and cassette player at
the start, slowly joined onstage by the full band and friends,
until the whole place was dancing madly! An unforgettable night.

THE POLICE : Milton Keynes Bowl ~ 1980

This was the second gig held at the MK Bowl, cunningly called
'Rockatta De Bowl' in reference to The Police album of the
time 'Regatta De Blanc'. Some of the bands on the bill that
day included Squeeze, a long nosed chap called Skafish
as well as UB40 and the late John Peel on the decks.
The abiding memory of that day was the rain... oh dear,
it simply poured down, all day!  The Police were never a
particulary arresting band to see live either - I had seen
them supported by The Cramps a year earlier in Aylesbury,
who just blew them away. I went up to one of The Police
asking for an autograph that night, assuming it was Sting,
but was given a foul-mouthed rebuke by their drummer
Stewart Copeland for insulting him by assuming that
he was Sting - he was not amused, miserable bugger.
as big as an LP sleeve
the prog
as seen from seat E23
lovely poster
rockatta d' prog
PINK FLOYD : Earls Court ~ 1980

I have seen Pink Floyd 3 times but this was the
first and best time. I was a big fan of The Wall
album, which divided critics then as now, but I
still cannot listen to it today without thinking of
this incredible live show. An aeroplane flying overhead and crashing into the stage SMASH!
Roger Waters sitting in a room in the middle of
The Wall watching television POW! Dave Gilmour
standing 50ft in the air with a bright light shining
out of his ass playing 'Comfortably Numb' WOW!
Ahh the memories, or maybe it was the drugs...

The Wall too
my god, they've exploded!
a prog prog
the dodgy album tour
JEFF BUCKLEY : The Garage ~ 1994

This was one of Jeff Buckley's first London shows and
it was to be the only time I would ever see him (a)live.
The Garage was VERY hot, the place can get pretty
packed and on this night it was a sell out on word of
mouth.'Grace' had only been out a week and a lot of
folk had no idea just how intense the gig was to be.
People were sweating, crying, moshing, and just being caught up in the heady emotion of it all.
Everyone knew we were witnessing something very special and I just wish I'd taken some photos that night.

PIXIES : Brixton Academy ~ 1991

Apart from Motorhead at Bradford St.Georges Hall
on the Ace Of Spades Tour, this has to have been the
loudest gig I have been to. Playing in support of
'Bossanova' they were bottom-tremblingly magnificent!
I never got the chance to see them at their recent
Brixton shows but if they were half as good as this night
then it must have been mighty fine. As I left the venue
that night I found a Pixies T-shirt discarded on the floor
and it was just my size too, oh what a night!

XTC : Hammersmith Odeon ~ 1981

As it turned out, this tour proved to be the last
time XTC would ever perform live on stage in UK.
They were promoting then current Black Sea
album but I remember them playing most of the
forthcoming English Settlement too. The support band that night were The Members, the reason
I recall that trivial fact is because my friend in the
balcony heckled them to "F-off" as they came
onstage. Their singer Nicky Tesco replied
"And the same to you sir"! My how we chuckled...

FRANK ZAPPA : Hammersmith Odeon ~ 1984

I honestly don't remember too much about this night,
but I do recall having to walk from the venue all the way
through central London to the M1 junction because
I'd lost my wallet and had no money for the tube home.
Thankfully Uncle Frank was on form this night and even
though the album he was promoting wasn't one of his
best, there were enough old favourites in his set to warm
my cockles on the long trudge to the motorway to MK.
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