Jan 2nd : THE MIX... of Things To Come

I saw in the new year with a retrospective look back
at the past twelve months of music on the show.
There were selections from my favourite LP's and 7"s
and exclusive session tracks from the many bands
who wandered up The Garden path in 04, as well as a
taste of some of the new music due to bloom forth in 04.
Jan 9th : KID KOALA mix

In 2004 I will be broadcasting a broad selection of mixes from
some of the world's best mixers, starting tonight with a great
one from Ninja Tunes own turntable wizard, Kid Koala.
Those of you familiar with his brilliant long player from last year
'Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs' will have some idea what to
expect, but if you are new to the Kids groove then bend an ear
to this tasty aural pleasure. More info : Kid Koala
Jan 16th : TOM TYLER mix

Long-time listeners to The Garden will know I have loved Tom Tyler's
work for several years, so it was with great pleasure that I was able
to bring you an exclusive mix for the show by the man himself.
With a new album due to drop on DC records sometime in 05 this was
an excellent opportunity to hear why I dig his blissful, chilled out grooves
so much & I also mixed in many other DC treats both old and new.
Jan 23rd : ROBERT WYATT mix

Tonight I paid tribute to one of my favourite singers, the great
Robert Wyatt. Featuring tracks from early Soft Machine and his
solo work of the past 30 years, right up to last year's fine
'Cuckooland' LP, this was a respectful and insightful evening
dedicated to one of UK's most innovative and unique talents. Throughout the year I will also be doing similar tribute
evenings for other artists such as Hendrix, Bowie, Frank Zappa,
Captain Beefheart, Spirit, Super Furry Animals and XTC.
More info on the work of Mr.Wyatt check : Strongcomet
Jan 30th : TURIN BREAKS session

I welcomed folky duo Turin Breaks into The Garden this evening for
what was a sweet and gentle session of "very nice songs"!
They performed 3 tracks tonight and I complimented their set
with a suitably chill selection of guitar tunes from artists like Fuck,
Liars, Guided By Voices and also new music from Bobby Conn.
For more info on Turin Breaks head over to : TB

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Feb 6th : BLUE STATES mix

I started the month with a cool mellow and exclusive mix
from fine Memphis Industries recording artiste Blue States.
Having released several fine singles and two acclaimed LPs
with a new one on the way in 04, it was a great pleasure to
bring you this lush selection of chilled out grooves put together
especially for the show by BS mainman Andy Dragazis.
Label info and more : Memphis Industries

Blue States! we want Blue States!
Feb 13th : TINDERSTICKS session

Beautiful, haunting and richly rewarding, the music of
Tindersticks never fails to pluck the heart-strings or touch
the soul. The tingling resonance of the band's dark tone was
touched this evening as they performed 4 songs for the
Garden and I complemented their mellow vibes with suitably
melancholy tunes. Visit their world : Tindersticks
Hey! You lookin' at me?!
Feb 20th : BOARDS OF CANADA mix

Tonight I paid a unique tribute to one of my favourite electronic
artists, the mysterious and enigmatic Scottish duo Boards Of Canada.
Mixing selections from all their Warp albums and EPs into a heady
brew of dreamy electronic stew, this mix was a treat for those already
familiar with their work and may have converted any sceptics who
believed electronic music has no soul. Online info : BOC

Feb 27th : BILL HICKS mix

To commemorate 10 years since the passing of the greatest
comedian of our generation, I broadcast a special Bill Hicks mix
featuring many of his finest rants and pearls of wisdom.
On the 28th February I spun a similar set at the Cube Cinema
in Bristol who played host to an evening dedicated to the great
man, featuring music inspired by him as well as screenings of
vintage live Hicks footage. Bill online  

Suck it up Billy boy!

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